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3 Must Read, Killer UBC Posts From Last Week

The ultimate goal of group blogging challenges is usually to post ‘X’ number of times within a defined period.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s a very valid goal.

If we limit ourselves to writing and promoting our own posts however we are missing so much of what the challenges have to offer.

An awesome part of blogging challenges is the opportunity to reconnect with and/or discover new fellow bloggers and their brilliant writing.

You should definitely get on board and support others by commenting and sharing.

The gift of their writing is tremendous.

With that in mind here are three fabulous posts from the Ultimate Blogging Challenge last week.

1.  What Do You Do? by Loralee Hutton

Loralee is open and honest, sharing her uncertainty as to how to define ‘what she does.’ The post highlights the need to be able to put into words ‘what we do’ so when others ask us we have a coherent message to share.

Definitely watch out for ‘A great referral for me…’ It’s a brilliant strategy.

2. The One Trait Every Writer Needs by Tor Constantino

Did you think I’d give the trait away? Of course not. Reward Tor’s efforts by visiting his blog and finding out what it is. He succinctly and effectively explains how the trait relates to the various aspects of writing.

3.  Can You Commit To Writing 400 Words Per Day? By Gwen Tanner

Gwen has taken a task that is super daunting to newbie bloggers and made it remarkably achievable. If you are considering creation of your first info product or struggled through last time be sure to read, bookmark and act on the advice in this post.

Do visit these posts in a minute. You won’t regret your time investment.

Just before you go though, be sure to add your favourite post of last week below.

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