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5 Blogs To Visit (Especially If Having A Rough Day)

Blogs To Cheer You Up

Blogs and the bloggers behind them make my heart sing!

Living in a conservative, rural town and being a young, female business owner in an ‘online environment’ certainly makes you stand out like a sore thumb.

The community in town is full of wonderful people; I have an enormous circle of friends and many groups I’m part of (especially in regards to sport – the lifeblood of any small town). I love that closeness of community and safe environment to bits.

But it can still feel pretty isolated when the people you see everyday cannot understand this ‘online thing’ and how you can ‘sit at the computer all day.’

That’s where blogs and bloggers come in.

There are so many blogs I read religiously (like my life depends on them only not quite that dramatic) and so many more that have a special place in my heart.*

*I’m pretty sure only bloggers will understand such a statement.

You see bloggers understand why you might spend ‘all day’ online. Bloggers are a diverse bunch and are willing to accept other folks that are a bit ‘different’.

Bloggers embrace the quirky, the unusual, the lofty aspirations and crazy, hairy adventures.

So that’s how I know that if I’m looking for a quick or sometimes rather extended pick me up session (because who doesn’t get wonderfully distracted online) I turn to the blogs and bloggers I love.

Although I read mainly strictly-business blogs here are five sweet, sweet blogs that never fail to cheer and inspire (there are plenty more I’ve mentioned in previous posts):

Emma and Elsie, the sisters behind this blog, create beautiful treasures and have amazing style without breaking the budget. I adore that they constantly prove how possible it is to do more with less. The simple but mind blowingly gorgeous posts on A Beautiful Mess could get any chick moving again.

And they made their passion their business, an absolute clincher with yours truly.

If you don’t like swearing this won’t be the blog for you. If you don’t mind or couldn’t care less, Ash has some fantastic strategies and stories to help you conquer fear and live the life you want.

Coming up with excuses? Don’t bother. Read this blog and you’ll be fired up ready to achieve.

Christian is an inspiration to me. This young man has been through some challenging times, more than many of us will face in such a short life so far, but he is facing them head on. More power to you Christian.

At the same time he is producing fabulous content. A great teacher to many and an enjoyable read. If you want to learn how to be successful building an online presence, Christian will teach you a lot.

Simple wisdom. When life seems overwhelming, too insane and/or plain ridiculous, Tiny Buddha offers simple wisdom. Too often over thinking leads to the ‘what ifs’ and worse case but totally unlikely scenarios running through our minds.

Tiny Buddha will calm you down and help you set the record straight. Forget the broken records and deal with whatever comes your way.

In addition to running my business I work part time at the local business incubator. I don’t want to leave this job. I job share with the best co-worker in the world and enjoy 99 per cent of the tasks.

That said, there is still a ton of value to be gained from reading Tom’s blog. You’ll learn how to grow your freelancing business, realise life is a gift and be motivated without the hype so many ‘internet marketers’ insist upon.

So there you have it. Five blogs to brighten your day, whether it’s been rough and tumble or sunshine and lollipops.

It’s your turn! Who would you add to the list?


Pic Source: Neal

6 Responses to 5 Blogs To Visit (Especially If Having A Rough Day)

  1. Oh, I love Tiny Buddha, so wonderfully uplifting and I only discovered A Beautiful Mess a few days ago but wow, I’m hooked. Can’t wait to go and check out the others.

    And, btw, I can’t believe after commenting on your last post and then tweeting I totally forgot the hashtag. I will get there one day. I hope.

  2. I love to tune into Les Brown on YouTube. He’s inspirational, funny and great at telling stories. He gets my mind onto positive and more pleasant things when I listen to him.

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