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How to get an interview with an A-lister (even when you don’t meet the criteria)

Want to interview an A-lister? A big name in your field? Someone you admire and know your audience would love?

I got to do exactly that last week with Denise Duffield-Thomas (of Lucky Bitch fame) even though I don’t meet her audience criteria of 5,000 subscribers.

It is totally possibly and might I add Denise was amazing.

Watch the video to find out the 3 factors I leveraged to get to YES (and you can too!)

Haven’t got time to watch the video? Continue reading for a quick written summary.

Factor 1: Consider the timing of your request

The best time to approach an A-lister about an interview, especially if you don’t meet their published criteria, is when they are due to launch. At this point they are aiming to maximise their reach and are likely to be more open to requests.

The worst times to approach for an interview are when they are preparing for a break / holiday or dealing with personal issues such as family illness or the impending arrival of a child.

At this stage, they will be focused on streamlining and automating their business as much as possible. The last thing they’ll be considering is adding extra commitments such as interviews.

How do you know your A-listers current situation?

At the very least you should be subscribed to their email list as often they will share more personal details and/or any announcements there first as a way of thanking subscribers for their loyalty.

If your mentor or ‘big name’ has a Facebook group definitely join that as they are likely to share behind the scenes in Facebook Lives.

Finally, follow any other social accounts they are active with. Think Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Factor 2: Choose your channel wisely

You want to know where your A-lister is most responsive and you have the least number of gatekeepers to circumvent.

For example, when I wanted to approach Ashley Beaudin of the #ImperfectBoss movement to be a Facebook Live guest, I subscribed to her campaign emails, hit reply and made my ask.

In the case of interviewing Denise Duffield-Thomas I was able to ask for the interview via an affiliate partner email where her husband Mark mentioned Denise being open to Facebook Live interviews.

That said, if you wanted to approach Gary Vaynerchuk, Twitter would be your best option as Gary is known to personally respond to thousands of tweets daily.

In fact, when Gary put a call out for a community building expert on Twitter, Kimra Luna activated her Freedom Hackers community to recommend her for the role by tagging Gary on Twitter. It worked!

Note: Many entrepreneurs with big followings will have a interview request page on their website however, if you don’t meet their criteria, this is usually the hardest way to get a yes. Focus on alternative channels prior to this path.

Factor 3 – Your ask and how you structure it

A-listers and high profile individuals receive hundreds of requests for interview weekly so you’ll need to stand out from the pack.

1. Make sure your request is brief and specific.

2. Demonstrate why you are different from the ‘average’ person asking. For example;

  • You are a student of the interviewee
  • You’ve contributed sales as an affiliate
  • You’ve met in person at a conference
  • You’ve featured them in a blog post
  • You consistently support them on social media

Now I know I’ve mentioned Denise a lot to you recently (especially in Facebook Lives) but there is good reason:

1. Denise Duffield-Thomas will totally transform your money life for the better (she absolutely did mine).

2. You can access her free training ‘5 Strategies To Upgrade Your Money Mindset’ immediately when you click this link.

3. Most importantly, what you’ll learn could be the difference between success and failure in your business.

I’m not saying that to be overly dramatic. You may have noticed, however, that not everyone is successful in business.

One of the key factors that Denise has identified (and built her work around) is that your money mindset can absolutely determine whether you’ll be one of the ones who “makes it” in business or not.

That’s why she’s created this training ‘Top 5 Strategies To Upgrade Your Money Mindset.’

Watch right now.

Next steps:

1. Register for Denise’s free training ‘5 Strategies To Upgrade Your Money Mindset.’ You don’t want to miss it.

2. Approach that A-Lister / celebrity / big name you’ve always wanted to interview, using the tips I’ve shared, and be sure to let me know you’ve got the yes!



**Please note that I am a proud affiliate of Denise Duffield-Thomas and while this training is free, should you choose to invest in any of Denise’s products in future (I so recommend you do) I may receive a commission.**

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