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How your client’s email address is the new currency

Early-adopting technology and business lovers heralded bitcoin as the way of the future. The solution that would replace coins and notes… But how wrong they were. Ah, hello? Electronic transactions were already available. Prior to bitcoin it was mass advertising through newspapers, radio and television that made the world go round but they’re becoming less… Continue Reading

How To Get More Clients Without Extra Work

The situation: You want more ideal clients for your business but you can’t afford to increase time invested in marketing efforts. You need greater results with less effort. Is it possible? Absolutely. But before we get to the solution consider these scenarios: Imagine you are the consumer. You’ve seen the posts on Facebook… The business coach that… Continue Reading

46 Email Marketing Tips & Tricks That Get Your Emails Opened And Read Every Time

Everyone claims the money is in the list but unless you know the email marketing tips and tricks to get your emails opened, read and acted upon… …you’re never going to have that $$$$$ in your bank account. And when you read that the Direct Marketing Association’s research found: “for every $1 spent on email marketing the… Continue Reading