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Content Palooza: Enough To Give You Nightmares?

“Struggling already with Content Palooza. So many ideas running through my head of different things I need to do, should do. At the same time I keep editing my typing errors which defies the purpose of altogether. Notice there are no spelling mistakes in this paragraph even though in reality there were a few typos.

Ok fifty eight words done. Only 49,942 to go in this month. November. Oh my god, what have I got myself into. Not many of the people I’m friends with online were keen to commit. Still working on Chris Owen of Pink Apple fame. Fingers crossed.

I’ve had some ideas for blog posts although the well seems to be a bit dry at the moment. The ideas I’ve written down, quite often I don’t remember what I thought of. Perhaps that proves the need to write an outline not just a headline.

It seems I have a lot of babble in my head. At least anyone who ends up reading this will think so.”

Content Palooza, for anyone who hasn’t heard of it, is a descendant of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The parent challenge focuses on writers producing 50,000 words of a fiction novel during the month of November.

Kelly Kingman, of Kelly Kingman Media, decided to host Content Palooza as a spinoff for bloggers. The aim is still to write 50,000 words but they can be used for blog posts, ebooks, online courses etc.

As someone who at times struggles to get the words out, I thought Content Palooza was a perfect opportunity. See my problem is that I want my first draft to be my final draft i.e. without spelling or grammatical errors, with good flow and enticing to the reader.

Therefore I quite often “close my mind” due to not wanting to make errors. I need to learn to just blurt it out and look at what may have value.

So if you are a blogger would you like to join me in this challenge? We can definitely cheer each other on!  How do you get through the drought of no ideas?

Wowza! I think I’ve just written what could become the basis of a blog post. Go Content Palooza!

3 Responses to Content Palooza: Enough To Give You Nightmares?

  1. How I get through my draft of ideas – I cheat.

    I find content that I love, that would speak well to my audience, and I repurpose it – taking out the main 3-5 points, and writing my own article about it.

    “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

  2. Caelan – interesting point you make. I’ve decided I need to broaden my sources of reading material as I feel they have narrowed a bit lately.

    Sandi – it was really strange when it poured out and confronting to make public. So glad we have the #ContentPalooza group to support each other.

    Thanks to both of you for the comments!

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