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Share Your Favourite Website Plugin – Blog Linky

Last week on Better Business Better Life we celebrated wonderful customer service experiences with our linky and in the comments.

Thank you to EVERYONE who joined in!

It just goes to show a lot of businesses are offering fantastic experiences and plenty of customer love.

As Carly Findlay from Tune Into Radio Carly shared:

Often we are quick to use social media to criticise businesses, but we should be just as quick to praise them!

Couldn’t have said it better Carly! Thank you!

Here are a couple of favourites then you’ll find out the linky topic for this week!

Sian from Sianessa told us about her friend who drives 80 minutes extra per trip to get her car serviced:

So why the difference? My guess is that they bestow VIP status on customers who live farther away. I can walk to the dealership; she’s got a long trek. So even though I get the exact same service, they give her an extra incentive to make the journey: special status.

UGGS delighted Cheryl Campbell when her daughter’s uggs ripped:

They shipped me out a brand new pair and I didn’t even have to take the time energy expense to send the damaged ones back.

Adalia from Confidence Is An Inside Job was delighted with the service from Time Warner Cable Company:

Not only did they reduce our monthly bill by a sizable amount but we were pleasantly surprised when a note of appreciation and cookies were delivered to our home.

You can read all the customer love stories here.

Okay onto our topic for this week…

So today I’d love you to share your favourite website plugin and link it up below! Be sure to encourage your friends to join in too!

Why is the plugin your favourite? What does it do that makes your heart sing? Could it be improved at all?

The top stories will be shared in a blog post next Wednesday so get those links happening! If you haven’t got a blog, no probs, share with us in the comments!

17 Responses to Share Your Favourite Website Plugin – Blog Linky

    • Love it Shawn! Great suggestion and initiative to create your own product!
      I use Backbuddy but it costs. Who doesn’t love a free alternative?

  1. Wow, didn’t know about this one. Looks great.

    Apart from Akismet (which is an absolute Godsend), I also like WordPress Backup To Dropbox, which backs up the entire site (including the database) to Dropbox every so often.

    Great topic, by the way.

    • Thanks for sharing Bill!
      Being the total non-techie I am I have no idea if Backbuddy takes care of the database as well. Will check this out!
      Love Akismet too.

      • Backupbuddy does that, yes. You can back up just the database or everything.

        There are so many plugins I love . . . but one of my new favorites is Track That Stat. Gives you very cool, easily understandable data on which posts and pages are getting the most traffic.

        Commentluv is one of the best too.

        • Hi Mary,
          Thanks for sharing your expertise regarding Backbuddy. I love the sound of Track That Stat. Will definitely be checking it out!

    • Hi Tonya,
      Thanks for sharing (especially your page of recommendations). I use a similar plugin called ‘Subscribe To Comments Reloaded.’ It’s made a huge difference to extending conversations in the comments.

  2. Ooooh just ONE?! I’m not sure I can pick just one…

    I’d have to say it’s a toss up for me between these three:

    CommentLuv –
    Rewards my commenters by adding a link to their last blog post below their comments which allows me to get to know my readers better, builds community, and it’s just a lot of fun, too!

    WordPress Editorial Calendar –
    Since I plan and write much of my content in advance, this plugin helps me stay sane by making it simple to see what I’ve got scheduled in a month view, and drag and drop to move posts around.

    SexyBookmarks –
    This adds the fun, animated sharing icons to the bottom of my blog posts to encourage easy sharing.

    • LOL Michelle,
      I feel the same way, so many great options – it’s definitely a challenge to choose just one.
      I have all three plugins you recommended but I’m not sure about SexyBookmarks. Seems I haven’t got something right. Might have to quiz you.
      Cheers, Caylie

  3. My favorite WordPress plugin is Yoast (SEO). It works great for a quick Google friendly seo for your blog and posts. That and AskiMet are the ones I value the most on my blog.

    • Hi Jan!
      Great to have you here 🙂 I love Askimet too. Saves SO much work!
      I’ve got ‘All In One SEO Pack’ installed. Have you used this? What are the differences between this and Yoast?
      Cheers, Caylie

      • They work about the same, optimizing your blog and blog posts. I have not used AIO SEO Pack so far, so I can not really compare them.. I am kinda reluctant to change it though…

  4. What a great question, Caylie! Well, my favorite plug-in was EZPZ One Click Back Up, but they are no longer updating it so I will have to try some of the others suggested here.

    I like my Intense Debate Plug-in because it is an entire comment management system with some anti-spam built in AND it includes CommentLuv. Gotta LOVE Comment Luv! I would have to say that’s one of my favorites as a stand-alone as well!

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