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Good Things Come To…The Entitled?

I found this image on Adam Urbanski’s Facebook page and thought I would share (I’m hoping the language doesn’t offend anyone). See I really struggle with some individuals’ attitudes at times – including my own every now and then. We all want the best life we can have whether it be riches, health or smarts. And that’s OK but…

…since when did we start believing we are entitled?

Why do we expect the good life to come to us?

When did it become OK to be handed our wants rather than working until we reach our goals and are rewarded?

Do we expect everything to be delivered on a silver platter?

I’ve recently come across a fantastic blog, Putty Like, by Emilie where she talks about people she classes as ‘multipotentialites.’ These are people who are passionately curious and jump from one interest to another, or ten. In her latest post she talks about multipotentialites being more likely to burnout rapidly as a result of pushing themselves too far, too fast.

Are you thinking Emilie says ‘oh that’s ok? You’re a multipotentialite. Just wait until the solution comes to you?’

If you are thinking yes you’ve got it all wrong. No. She doesn’t. Not at all.

In fact it’s the exact opposite.

First she identifies the burnout cycle and what you can do to prevent it. Secondly, if you’re already burned out she gives lots of ideas to push through THEN asks readers and fellow multipotentialites to offer further suggestions.

Emilie understands what it’s like to have an enormous number of passions and to identify new ones everyday but she doesn’t use it as an excuse. Emilie knows good things come to those who work damn hard. Just look at her resume to get a better idea of what she does.

So my question to you is…

Will you work incredibly hard for good things or still be waiting in ten years time?

I’d love to know what you’re working hard on. Share your story and tips in the comments.

Last but not least (for me anyway) if you enjoyed this post please share it around ;o)

18 Responses to Good Things Come To…The Entitled?

  1. I am not entitled, I am “graced” with the freedom to make choices and work hard and smart to build my business and my personal relationships. I think the “entitlement” mentality has taken a sharp upward curve since the election of our current President. God forbid!

    • Hi Jeanne,
      Thank you for your readership and comment! Thrilled to have you here!
      We are absolutely privileged to be ‘graced’ with freedom of choice. I think it is our responsibility to make the best of our freedoms. How can we not when there are so many in our world who would give anything to have the freedoms we do?
      Hoping you will stop by again.
      Cheers, Caylie

  2. people expect a good life because nobody could bear the idea that they are entitled to lead a miserable life!

    i think i am working hard to set up a successful business as a graphic designer – but yet sometimes (success is not around the corner) i think i am not working hard enough – or maybe too hard on the wrong things?

    • That’s a fair point Helen! I wouldn’t want to be entitled to a miserable life either but I do expect to work hard for the good, great and best things in life.

      It’s tough to know when we are working hard enough to be rewarded with the good things and absolutely, I think we all fear working on the wrong times for time to time. When that happens I think we need to come back to our goals and values then ask do our actions match what we want to achieve.

      Wishing you every success with Helz Design!

          • I completely agree Helen and Melanie. You can work incredibly hard and not see results.
            I am reminded of a quote I love however and maybe you will take something from it (you may also decide I’m full of tosh):

            “Each failure brings you one step closer to success.” – Zig Ziglar

            Although you are not seeing the desired results yet every action you take will be moving you closer to success.
            Wishing you every success!

        • That’s because “working hard” is what I call a “half truth”. You must be also working on the “right” things. In short, it’s not how busy someone is, or how much effort they put in, it’s what result they produce at the end.

  3. Hi Caylie,

    I believe that as spiritual beings we are entitled to the good life, but that does not mean that there is not a cost involved. The cost involved is expending energy creating this life.

    I think the Y generation has forced us to think very hard about this notion of entitlement and what it really means.

    My generation needed to work really hard but it’s not as necessary these days if we use our brains.


    • Hi Madonna!
      A great point you raise here. Working hard does not have to be in a physical sense. The younger generations (I’m a Gen Y) are fortunate to have the technology available that reduces the need for physical labour. That doesn’t mean though that Gen X, Y, Z are inherently lazy – working hard doesn’t have to be physical. Laziness depends on the individual. I am surrounded by many friends that work exceptionally hard but then I see others where I think “don’t whine. Get off your backside and work for what you want.”
      Thank you so much for your readership and comment!
      Cheers, Caylie

    • Gorgeous Melanie.
      Love your comment and yes, we always “pay” for everything somehow.
      Cheers, Caylie

  4. Hi Caylie, thanks for coming to my blog and introducing yourself! Who’d have thought there were so many local bloggers!!
    You’re topics are a little different to mine…my thoughts on the above topic would take up too much room here so I’ll just say I believe things a little differently. I’ll go and check out the post you mentioned, sounds interesting!!
    Nice to meet you!!
    Cheers, Courts

    • Hi Courts,
      I know. I find out Debbie Moerkerk is a fellow blogger in Horsham and then suddenly I’m meeting a whole group of us. ;o)
      Courts I love that you have a differing opinion! That’s what makes life so interesting. Everyone is special and as such individuals have differing views. Totally fantastic!
      Thanks for your comment and readership,

  5. Great post, Caylie! And a very good resource to deal with this issues from Emilie.

    I’m one of those “always curious” people who loves to learn and I’m always interested in exploring new things and developing new interests. But years ago discovered the value of “stick-to-it-ness”!

    Today, when asked for my key to success, I just say “I’m not the smartest tool in the shad, but I will grind out longer and harder than anyone else I know!” 😉

    • “I will grind out longer and harder.” Love it Adam. So many billionaires were not the smartest academically but were prepared to work harder and longer than anyone else. A good sign for your success!
      Thanks for your comment and inspiration for the post!

  6. HI Caylie, I am subscribing to the work smarter not harder viewpoint at the moment. There are always ways we can improve and develop. I am not a fan of those who expect things to be handed to them on a plate. Deb

    • Hi Deb,
      You hit the nail on the head. Working smart is incredibly important. Coupled with working hard it’s a winning combination.
      Cheers, Caylie

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