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How Guest Blogging Kicks Facebook Ad Butt

Guest Blogging Strategy - 4 Ways It Out Performs Facebook AdsGuest blogging – why bother with this supposedly time and labour intensive list building tactic when you can buy subscribers with Facebook Ads?

All the ‘big guys’ in your industry are focusing on Facebook Ads, shouldn’t you be following the lead of the experts who have already achieved the business results you seek?

(Important interruption: just because certain people and businesses seem to be everywhere on social media doesn’t mean they are necessarily successful – they may not be converting, they may be only breaking even or worse, enduring losses to pay for their promotion tactics).

Guest blogging offers a lot of benefits Facebook Ads simply can’t so let’s look at them in detail.

Guest Blogging Increases Your Credibility

When choosing to subscribe to or invest with you, a person will want to establish your level of expertise and authority.

Your potential subscribers and buyers know that anyone can advertise on Facebook whereas to guest post you must first pitch and be accepted by the host. The need to be accepted provides social proof that you are considered an authority in your niche.

Don’t assume you must guest post for the top 5,000 ranked websites to gain the credibility boost. Sure, there can be benefits to that but posting for a relevant, smaller website with an engaged audience can work just as well.

Further, be sure to add an ‘As Seen On’ or ‘Featured At’ section to your website. It’s great to have the extra credibility as a result of guest blogging but if no one knows where you’ve been, wave goodbye to the benefits.

Guest Blogging Expands Your Network

Before pitching to guest post on a particular site it’s a smart move to create a connection with your potential host. Whether this is via commenting on their posts, social media or emailing to express genuine admiration for their work, your pitch is far more likely to be accepted if you’ve established a relationship.

The beauty of this is you’ll be expanding your network within your niche and complimentary fields at the same time. Same amount of work, double the benefits. Think about it…if you establish a great network you’ll have people willing to support you and your projects; you’ll have potential collaborators and a group of people promoting your content without request. Remember it’s all about working smart, not hard.

Guest Blogging Lets The Reader Try Before They Subscribe

You will have seen the tasting trays at supermarkets. A person stands behind a counter or walks around offering you the chance to try a new product. Or perhaps you’ve taken up a freebie session at a gym so you can experience the layout, the atmosphere and customer service before deciding whether or not to invest in a membership.

Guest blogging does the same for potential subscribers. Your guest posts enable the new audience to get a taste for your authority, expertise and voice before they commit to sharing their email address with you. By the time they finish reading your post, they are already forming a connection with you. New subscribers who are already experiencing know, like, trust are likely to stay on your list for an extended period, rather than simply grab your freebie and clear off.

Comparatively, new subscribers gained from Facebook won’t have been exposed to your brilliance before subscribing. At best they may watch a short video encouraging them to subscribe for your opt in incentive. Without that initial connection prior to subscribing, they are far more likely to opt in and out the same day.

Do I really need to tell you which subscribers are more valuable in the long term?

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Guest Blogging Doesn’t Have Rising Costs

Facebook Ads work on an ‘auction’ basis meaning the more competition there is for a particular audience; the greater the cost will be to reach it. Given the community using Facebook Ads is continuing to explode, don’t expect your costs to decrease any time soon.

Now let’s compare that with guest blogging. It doesn’t matter how large an audience the website you’re targeting has, the cost remains the same. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Nil. Just think of Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, Copyblogger, Kissmetrics, Huffington Post. Completely free. What’s not to love?

Are Ready To Kick Guest Blogging Butt?

Get the 3-part Guest Blogging video series.

It’s completely free and just think; the better your guest blogging results, the less Facebook Ads you’ll be paying for.

And if you’re already guest blogging, why not share in the comment what this strategy has done for your business?

30 Responses to How Guest Blogging Kicks Facebook Ad Butt

  1. I never really thought about comparing it to FB Ads but that’s such a great point! So many more long term benefits to guest blogging. 🙂

  2. This makes so much more sense now Caylie.

    Whenever I find myself trying to squeeze everything into my schedule, guest posting is the one thing left out.

    I have a feeling this is just about to change. Thank you.

  3. I have always had a great response from Guest blogging, but only recently have I started to add it into my strategy – mainly because I seldom make the time to post on my own websites haha! But it is now on my radar 🙂

    • Hey Serena,
      I hear the “I don’t have time” comment often. I understand that our to do lists are crazy but if you analyse for the best opportunities first, you will get maximum reward for minimal effort.

  4. Great post Caylie! You really kind of shook me by the shoulders with this one. You are SO right!! You make excellent points and I’ll be sharing this with others! Thanks so much for the much needed kick! 🙂

    • Hi April,
      It’s so easy to get caught up in “that’s the way it’s done.” I can see it happening with Facebook Ads.
      Glad to help and thank you for sharing!

  5. I actually place my blog posts as Facebook ads. Been doing that since I started my website in May. I have an opt in box at the bottom of my blog posts so it definitely gets me exposure and more some subscribers. I believe that the best people on an email list are the ones who got value before subscribing or even liking my FB page.
    I do have to get into guest blogging, not likely until after my next launch though.

    • Hi Kimra,
      Thanks for commenting. It’s very effective to build value before inviting to subscribe. You are far more likely to retain subscribers on your list and move them to buy.
      Cheers, Caylie

  6. The free aspect is a definite plus :). I suppose it really depends on you, your business and your audience and what works best for all three. For me, personally, I’ve experienced benefits from guest posting.

  7. I love guest blogging…I guess it’s the writer in me. And I’ve gotten hundreds of new subscribers from it. Finding blogs that speak to your target audience AND accept guests posts is a bit challenging however. But I agree, guest blogging is so worth it!

    • Many quality websites got scared with Google updates in relation to guest blogging and stopped accepting guest post. The easy way to prevent any issues with linking is to many any links ‘no follow.’ Perhaps it’s a pitch plus education process (for potential hosts) to get published where you want?

  8. Quite honestly I need to guest blog more. I’ve recently gotten into a groove with my weekly blog post for my website, now I need to incorporate a weekly guest blog post again.
    Thanks for the reminder about why I am missing out on guest blogging goodness 🙂

  9. Oh goodness me, I will admit that this is something I’ve done relatively well with in the past…aaaand have dropped the ball with as of late.

    However, as my content creation juices get flowing again, I am actually looking forward to connecting with my audience in new ways and new spaces!

    Thanks for the swift kick in the pants, Caylie ;).

  10. Great article Caylie. FB ads do seem to be all that anybody is talking about at the moment.

    I think I am ‘almost’ ready to start guest posting so this came at a great time

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