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How To Avoid Lead Generation Comparisonitis

Unique Lead Generation


The latest super virus to hit the online business world.

You know the symptoms.

Looking at the inside of your business and comparing it with the shiny, flawless outside of your competitor’s business.

No one is immune.

I’ve experienced several bouts of comparisonitis but the critical factor is I’ve recovered and YOU can too.

So what does comparisonitis look like in terms of lead generation?

Comparisonitis symptoms include:

  • Checking out your competitor’s opt in offer and trying to model it;
  • Assuming that you must use landing page templates such as Lead Pages just like everyone else if you’re to enjoy a quality conversion rate;
  • Thinking there’s no point trying to grow your list because your competitor’s list is already gigantic.

‘Coz you know everyone in your target audience has signed up with them and will never look anywhere else. Obviously {Rolls eyes}

Before we go any further I should add I consider peers to be potential collaborators rather than competitors. There’s abundant opportunity for everyone but I do understand we all have unique perspectives.

How To Overcome Lead Generation Comparisonitis

1. Clearly identify YOUR target audience. As you refine your ideal avatar, you will begin to eliminate some of your competitors.

2. Always focus on being your best YOU. If you want to have successful, authentic relationships with your clients don’t show up trying to be someone you aren’t.

3. Listen to the ‘experts’ but take their advice with a pinch of salt. Generally speaking they will have solid foundation and evidence to support their arguments however, they are not you and they aren’t targeting your ideal audience. Experiment and see what works best.

4. Have a unique identity and work it baby. Once you are clear on your branding be absolutely consistent in applying it to your lead generation efforts. Whether that is your call to action text or visual elements, consistent branding will help you build trust. And trust = better conversion rates.

Canva Helps Branding Lead Generation Efforts

We’ve talked about the importance of branding in lead generation above and in particular landing page branding previously. A number of people contacted me confirming my advice in this post.

 Landing Page Branding Loss Of TrustLanding Page Branding Feedback

Now please allow me to introduce the most amazing design tool ever (yes, even compared with PicMonkey, the previous love of my life)… Canva.

Despite being in beta testing and invite only, Canva’s popularity and use is skyrocketing.

Canva will get your lead generation and landing pages beautifully branded even if you’re completely hopeless with design.

Trust me, I talk as a girl who once drew a koala with half its body on either side of the tree trunk…yep, apparently the koala split in two so none of it was behind the trunk (even its nose).

Canva has an amazing array of free drag’n’drop templates that you simply update with the text and colours of your branding.

(If you aren’t sure of your colour codes try this nifty little tool…

But be warned…Canva is very addictive.

Take Action And Increase Your Conversion

1. Unsubscribe from all your competitor email lists and don’t visit their websites to reduce the pressure of comparison.

2. Commit to focusing on YOUR audience, YOUR message and YOUR branding.

3. Find an invite to Canva and start branding your lead generation efforts. (I have four invites to share in this week’s newsletter so if you’d like an invite make sure you are subscribed ready).

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