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You Probably Think I’m 42 Days Late…

How to set business and personal goals

The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is now.

Ah the joys of a new year – such fresh, vibrant energy circulating; such hope for the future; renewed belief in the possibilities.

So many blog posts circulating telling us how to set goals for the year ahead; how to exceed expectations and maintain our resolutions.

Theoretically the new year started 42 days ago. You could say I’m a little late to the party but I say whatevs (actually I wouldn’t say that, you can punch me if I ever use the word again, but you get the idea.)

Frankly you can declare a start over whenever you desire. You can act like a #bossman or #bosswoman or rather you should if you own a business.

But if you are going to mark this moment in history as a do-over here are two exercises to make it worthy of its mark.

1. Review the previous period to identify the wins and the woes. What lessons can you learn and take with you in the year ahead?

You’re probably expecting a whole heap of list building and sales funnel tips. You can learn plenty here, here and here but just for today let’s focus on other aspects of my 2014 that might inspire your own review.

WIN – Doubling business income of the previous year. LESSON – Set goals and achieve them by creating supportive daily habits such as prioritising income producing activities on your to do list and tracking progress daily. Keep hustling.

WOE – I became so focused on my business I forgot I was human too (except while I was in America). LESSON –Allow yourself to take time out or you’ll burn out. Yes, I speak from experience. Lots of experience. But this time I’ve learned the lesson.

WIN – Visiting America for business and pleasure. LESSON – You learn so much about yourself and other people by travelling. The clarity I have around my offerings and ideal clients also grew to a whole new level. Change environments regularly.

WOE – Trying to do everything yourself. LESSON – Ok, this is a little similar to the woe above but in this case I will be outsourcing some of my least favourite tasks such as creating images for social media updates. I love brainstorming update ideas, I stink at creating great images.

WIN – Launching Lead Explosion and having a 75% conversion rate to date. LESSON – Listen to the feedback of prospects and clients then ACT on any repeated requests. Get support from someone who has done what you want to.

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2. Set your intentions for the new year incorporating everything you’ve learned. What are your goals? How will you apply the lessons?

Here’s a short selection of my goals:

INCREASE last year’s income by four times and profitability 37 times (last year was all about investing in the business to get established.)

TRAVEL up the East Coast of Australia, visit Canada and return to the United States of America.

OUTSOURCE social media scheduling.

DEDICATE one full day a week to relaxing; taking care of me; reflecting on my business and personal life; and social activities.

INCLUDE some form of deliberate physical activity every day whether it be walking, riding, squash, tennis, swimming or something else.

What will you do?

Your Actionables

1. Complete the two exercises mentioned above and share in the comments.

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