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Does this sound familiar:

- You send guest post pitches and never get a response.

- You have limited time available and need to pick the best hosts upfront.

- Your pitches are accepted so you put in the effort to write and promote but fail to get traffic or new subscribers.

- You’re sick and tired of paying for Facebook Ads without a strong return on investment.

Don’t want to ‘fess up but really, that’s exactly how your guest posting strategy is working out?
Lots of effort. No results.

Introducing Seductive Guest Blogging – the best way to lure readers back to your website and have them subscribe for more.

Can you imagine how different your mailing list and business would look if you:

- Knew a powerful pitching strategy that was accepted more than 92% of the time?

- Had the exact pitch that was accepted by everyone from Laura Roeder (LKR Social Media) to Jessika Hepburn (Oh My! Handmade Goodness) to Karen Gunton (Build A Little Biz)?

- Could charm a minimum of 40 new and engaged subscribers to join your list with every guest post?

- Offered hypnotic opt in offers that converted at least 38% of guest post visitors with serious ease?

Picture it.

Imagine…how you’d spend the extra income.

Imagine…the money you’d save on Facebook Ads.

Imagine…the time you’d save by sending magnetic pitches.

Imagine…how you could spend the time you save. Luxurious massage and manicure anyone?

Imagine…the pull your product and service offers would exude to these perfectly targeted peeps.

Sound good? Let’s make it real.

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How Does This Sexy Minx Work?

Ok, so making readers weak at the knees and wanting for more might seem like a tough ask (unless, of course, you’ve practiced channelling Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe).

Let me tell you Seductive Guest Blogging will get your knickers out of the knot.

Over six weeks you’ll learn exactly how to:
- Identify blogs with engaged readers who can be effortlessly tempted to your website.
- Create opt in offers that’ll have you stockpiling subscribers.
- Write pitches that enchant your potential host.
- Craft guest posts that hook readers in your fishnets.
- Promote your guest post to maximise your loving list of new admirers.
- Seduce them into BUYING your sexy offerings.

These sweet nothings willing be whispered your way via video and PDF.

You’ll also get the secret code to join the coveted Seductress Sisterhood where you can swap ideas, seek feedback, solicit support and strive for success (this is no ordinary Facebook group).

The Sisterhood is no ordinary Facebook group:
- There's the Seductive Sisterhood Facebook Leaderboard with the winner receiving a place in the GO BIG List Building Mastermind. Valued at $997.
- Weekly Action Taker Challenges with mystery prizes.
- Weekly blog comment sharing thread to generate support for your guest posts and get you invited back. 
- Two GSD days with live support available to ensure this doesn't become 'just another ecourse' you haven't implemented.

And if that wasn't enough...
*Be one of the first FIVE people to join and receive a complimentary 30min 1:1 support session (can be taken any time during the program.) Valued at $297.
*Be one of the next 10 people to join and receive a FREE copy of the Lead Generation Planner and Tracker. Valued at $97.
*Get access to the 10 Best Business Blogs To Guest Post For and 10 Best Health And Wellbeing Blogs To Guest Post For guides if you join by November 8th. Valued at $49. Not available outside Seductive Guest Blogging eCourse.

What are you waiting for? Seductive Guest Blogging starts Nov 14th. Step on over!
I Want To Lure The Perfect Subscribers!


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Love From Lusty List Builders

Working with Caylie really made a difference in my list building results. She helped me pinpoint exactly what I had to offer that would make my readers want to opt in straight away. The best part was that I was able to take my existing content – a pre-existing webinar, popular blog posts etc and leverage them to get more opt ins. She helped me make a few simple tweaks to my copy that still used my tone but led to much higher conversions and as a result, my list is growing every day and my subscribers are engaged from the moment I send them their first email. I highly recommend working with Caylie!

Marissa Roberts

Did I say – investing time with Caylie Price was an awesome way to spend $?

Sandra Ross

Before working with Caylie I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck!  There are just so many messages out there telling you the "best way to build your list" and nothing I tried authentic to me, my message and my business.  I was looking to build my list through quality opt-ins that I could feel good about and would really help people - a lot of the info out there is pretty generic.

Caylie gave me more information in seven minutes about how to build my list (that feels good and not slimy) than I have gotten in the last two months of researching and keyboard pounding. I couldn't believe how quickly she was able to hear what I was doing and then work with what I already had to build a strategy that is broken down and actionable.

Caylie, you are my new go-to for anything related to list building and content creation for my message :)

Mary Sabo

I recommend Caylie Price - list building mastermind, owner of Better Business Better Life and all round awesome woman! Caylie pulled an 'all-nighter' this week to help me take advantage of a last minute promotional opportunity for my start-up business. Seriously.

Sally Malloy

For a while I have been wondering if I am communicating efficiently with the local communities I work in. After spending time talking over my concerns with Caylie, I now have 2 new key strategies / communication tools to put in place. I am looking forward to increased productivity for my time spent. Thank you Caylie.

Josephine Duigan,
SEGRA (Mt Gambier)

You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!


Better to be safe than sorry right? All you need to do is demonstrate you’ve attempted each module and sent two pitches. After this, if you’re not satisfied with your results we’ll refund your money lickety-split.

Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund our money. Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose!


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