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Shallon Wines Online Marketing Review…The 12th Day Of Christmas Giveaway

Shallon Wines brings wines from the Northern regions of Victoria (and the Southern regions of NSW) into your home or place of business. The wines tastings are from small to medium cellar doors, ensuring the wines are unique and carry the personal characteristics of the winemaker.

The business, owned by Rhonda Fergus, has a dedicated website and a presence on both Twitter and Facebook. Read below to find out what is done well, what needs to improvement and how it can be achieved.

Great Online Marketing Tactics Shallon Wines’ Employs:

  • The Facebook ‘Shop’ tab will help convert sales from people who are considering a purchase but don’t want to leave Facebook.
  • The Facebook ‘Newsletter’ sign up tab is fantastic for building subscriber numbers as Shallon Wines is fresh in their minds.
  • Shallon Wines’ website contains all key information.
  • Branding is consistent across platforms.

Areas Needing To Change/Improve:

  • Shallon Wines’ status updates lack focus in terms of the key messages the business should be communicating.  There are also long gaps between updates with little liker engagement.
  • The ‘Info’ page on Facebook contains important information but it would be better broken up for easier reading i.e. using bullet points.
  • Tweets from Shallon Wines have been mostly unrelated to wine and the services the business can provide. This may lead to followers becoming disenchanted.
  • Some tweets contain only a link and can appear to be spam. Rhonda needs to ensure relevant text appears with the links in tweets.


  • Rhonda should incorporate video on the website from Shallon Wines events such as her presentation and participant testimonials so potential party hosts get a feel for the events.
  • The key messages and values Shallon Wines needs to communicate must be identified and focused on. Shallon Wines appears to have lost focus. Clarity must exist across all social media platforms.
  • Shallon Wines’ website does not adjust according to the visitor’s screen size. Changing the content management system would resolve this problem as well as being much easier to update.
  • To increase efficiency of Shallon Wines’ online marketing Rhonda should develop a content strategy. This could include key themes, regular status updates, scheduling and more so that she does not have to come up with ideas when busy with other activities.
  • A presence on LinkedIn would assist Rhonda to identify potential clients and to build relationships with them, particularly in the corporate and fundraising areas. Rhonda’s LinkedIn profile should include links to all other online presences especially the Shallon Wines website.

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