Event Schedule

Day 1 - November 10

Shannon Mattern

Prerna + Mayank Malik

The 5 Step Formula For Marketing Your Business Online

Lift The Lid On Profits With Productised Services

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Jordan Gill

Kyshira Moffett

How To Use Day Rates And Intensives To Grow Your Side Hustle

Take Your Brand From Blah To Bankable (Without Burning Out)

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Day 2 - November 11

Timeesha Duncan

Dr Lindsay Padilla

Make The Competition Irrelevant With Your Personal Brand

Get Visible On Social Media Without Having To Think Of Content Ideas

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Caylie Price

Jenny Suneson

Get Visible And Make Selling Easy With Live Streaming

Build Authority With Podcasts (The Side Hustler's Best Friend)

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Day 3 - November 12

Trena Little

Deborrah Ashley

Create Your YouTube Strategy For Evergreen Visibility

How To Leverage LinkedIn For Side Hustlers Wanting To Stand Out As The Industry Leader

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Tammy Pereira

Jenny Melrose

How To Use Facebook Ads To Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Fully Fledged Business

How To Attract Your Dream Audience On Instagram And Sell To Them

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Bonus Call

Caylie Price

Side Hustlers: Replace Your Day Job Income In 3 Simple Steps

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