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Solve A Problem, Communicate The Benefits & Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

Solve A Problem And Communicate The Benefits Of Your Solution

Big business can be as bad as startups.

Bad at what?

Bad at communicating the problem they solve and focusing on the benefits the customer actually cares about.

Let me tell you a story…

Over the last fortnight I’ve had an interesting time health wise. It started with a wisdom tooth that decided to wreak havoc for nine days.

The fact my wisdom teeth still aren’t all through at almost 29…well don’t even get me started!!

Generally I try not to take pain killers as I’m sure they aren’t ideal for our health but by the time I was 4.5 hours into driving on the fifth day and my neck had seized as a result of me being so tense with the pain I’d had enough.

I had a choice to make.

I could take Nurofen Zavance, Panadol Rapid or Herron (the cheap brand equivalent in Australia).

Now I’ll admit I didn’t consciously go through the options and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Bleary eyed and shaking with the pain I was more like a crazy, deranged woman who would crush ANYTHING that stood in the way of me taking the Nurofen.

But it raises a great point we’ll come back to shortly….

The second health mishap was during the squash tournament I played in over the weekend.  Saturday night we had a group dinner and most people were having a few drinks. Before dinner I thought I’d jump in the shower and be done in the bathroom while the rest went to buy more booze (I wasn’t drinking).

Long story short I slipped in the shower and landed on the edge the door slides along. Needless to say it was extremely painful and I was desperate for relief. My immediately thought was Nurofen.

Although I didn’t end up taking the Nurofen I’ve been left with two massive purple and black bruises; one a bit bigger than an orange on my hip and one the size of business envelope on my backside. Ouch!

Back to the important point…

Why did I consciously or unconsciously automatically know to choose Nurofen over the alternatives?

Herron – The last time I took Herron tablets they were chunky tablets that left a bitter aftertaste no matter how fast I swallowed them. And I hate having to swallow tablets. So they never had a chance.

Panadol Rapid – Panadol doesn’t say fast, strong pain relief to me. Sure they advertise that they will get you back to your day fast but they advertise more frequently that they are the safe option mums should choose for their children. The variety of messages means their branding isn’t a strong.

Now I’ve heard Nurofen isn’t great for your liver (whether that’s true or not I have no idea), that Panadol is the safer option and if I was a mother caring for a family member I might choose differently but while I was…


…all I cared about was killing the pain at the speed of light.

And that is what Nurofen branding tells me it will do – solve a problem fast.

In all their marketing Nurofen promises to target the cause and kill pain fast. Whether it is actually any faster than the alternatives I wouldn’t know. If it truly is bad for your health I couldn’t have cared less at the time.

My priority was solving my problem fast (immediately if it were possible).

Nurofen chose to solve a problem and highlight the most important benefits which I remembered when it counted. Their message is the most focused and strongest when it was time critical.

Have you ever suffered pain so bad you would have taken literally anything to ease it as soon as possible?

If yes, you know you’d pay almost anything to get it.

This is the strength of brand you need to create as a business owner.

This is how strong your message needs to be to ensure your target market thinks of your product or service first.

This is how you guarantee sales and grow until you struggle to meet demand.

What problem do you solve for customers? What benefit do you promote heavily? What does your brand equal in the mind of your target audience? Tell me in the comments!


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4 Responses to Solve A Problem, Communicate The Benefits & Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

  1. what a fabulous way to illustrate how important branding is. thank you, caylie, for this interesting and informative post.

    • Thanks for commenting April! The differences can be so subtle but make all the difference.

  2. I love this analogy and it’s really got me thinking about my branding. I think I have two key aspects in my brand: I help bright soulful women who want to change the world find their voice, step into the spotlight and share their message. That’s a huge benefit that I’ve been told my ideal clients want. The other is that they already have everything within them that they need to succeed. I have a lovely free book on my website called Power: become your own super heroine. Yet I’ve realized that that is not what I’m supposed to be promoting. My energy and attention has to go specifically on finding your voice, stepping into the spotlight and sharing your message. So this is the language I have to keep reinforcing in my blog posts and my communication with everything. While I can mention the e-book and G.o.d.d.e.s.s. Power it’s not something I should be giving a lot of energy to. Thanks for that clarification!

    • Way to go Tabitha! I love that you’ve found that level of clarity. I can’t wait to see what little tweaks you make to be more on target 🙂

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