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5 Ways To Make Your Website More Magical

Source: Kimberly Kling

Exciting news! Kimberly Kling, artist, blogger and designer extraordinaire from, has joined Better Business Better Life team as our awesome sauce web designer. That’s right, BBBL is now offering web design as well as copywriting, search engine optimisation and social strategy.

I invited Kim to write a post introducing herself to you and to share a tiny introduction to the mammoth of expertise she has (Kim could fill six books). You’ll love Kim and the brilliant tips she gives.

This year is all about making magic happen! Can you feel it? With the newness of 2013 fading away with January, we still have another 11 months ahead of us to achieve our goals and “blast our way to success,” as Caylie would say. I’m still amped about the possibilities this prophetic year can hold for each and every one of us, so with that said, I’d like to offer a few tips for bringing more magic to your business by way of your website. Continue Reading

Pearls Of Wisdom And 19 Things You Mightn’t Know About Me

Source: Lesh Karan, The Mindful Foodie What do you love more than anything else? For me it’s connecting with people. Old friends, new friends, mentors, family and more. Attending Problogger last weekend reminded me how fantastic meeting face-to-face is especially when you’ve been chatting online for a while. Unless you come across Darren Rowse in… Continue Reading