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Swing Dancing Can Teach You About Blogging

How Blogging And Swing Dancing Compare

It’s the drama and emotion that first grabs your attention.

Then they delight you by adding in a lift or throw for good measure.

The crowd erupts with appreciation as the show stoppers wow and amaze them.

It’s a wonderful affair, as enjoyable for the dancers as for the audience.

The Australian National Swing Dancing Championships were a source of joy and entertainment for all involved Saturday night.

Ever since watching a swing dance demonstration at a jazz festival five or six years ago I’ve always wanted to learn or at least join the audience again.

After not having the opportunity to attend for so long I wasn’t going to miss out this time. It meant an eight-hour drive roundtrip but it was well worth the effort.

What does swing dancing have to do with blogging?

By now you are definitely starting to question why you are reading about swing dancing on a blog about online marketing and particularly blogging for business growth.

Fair call. Promise I didn’t forget my ‘normal’ pills this morning.

So let’s dig in and compare. Continue Reading