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Weirdness, Imperfect Blogging And Your Message

Blogging Perfection

Rarely am I nervous to share a post with you and yet with this one I am. Maybe it’s because this is a ‘professional’ blog about blogging for your business and mastering lead generation. And, the first rule of blogging is to focus on your reader. This IS about helping you, my gorgeous reader, it’s just in a bit of round about fashion. And let’s face it, any post you share a video of yourself in is bound to terrify…

This is not the post I planned to write.

I did not plan to spend my week in bed desperate for a scalpel or any sharp instrument I could use to remove my tonsils and right ear.

I planned to have this post written long before now. That would be smart. That would be professional. Continue Reading

How Karen Gunton Blogged A Little Biz

Today I am delighted to introduce you to my gorgeous friend and blogging buddy Karen Gunton, owner of ‘build a little biz.’  Karen is a visual maestro, continuously blowing me away with her talent and achievements. I’m sure you’ll pick up on her passion as you read her story. You’ll also find out about her rebellious… Continue Reading

The Nudie Run Of Blogging – Ask The Readers

Did you read the headline and wonder what on earth is going on? Nudie runs on a site that talks about blogging as a business tool. Not perhaps what you’d expect but probably a good illustration of the focus of this post. Blogging voice. It’s something all the ‘experts’ talk about. ‘You need to find… Continue Reading

Swing Dancing Can Teach You About Blogging

It’s the drama and emotion that first grabs your attention. Then they delight you by adding in a lift or throw for good measure. The crowd erupts with appreciation as the show stoppers wow and amaze them. It’s a wonderful affair, as enjoyable for the dancers as for the audience. The Australian National Swing Dancing… Continue Reading