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Share Your Favourite Website Plugin – Blog Linky

Last week on Better Business Better Life we celebrated wonderful customer service experiences with our linky and in the comments.

Thank you to EVERYONE who joined in!

It just goes to show a lot of businesses are offering fantastic experiences and plenty of customer love.

As Carly Findlay from Tune Into Radio Carly shared:

Often we are quick to use social media to criticise businesses, but we should be just as quick to praise them!

Couldn’t have said it better Carly! Thank you!

Here are a couple of favourites then you’ll find out the linky topic for this week! Continue Reading

Share Your Customer Love Story – Blog Linky

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll realise I recently launched ‘How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge’ which included an interview with Ultimate Blog Challenge founder Michelle Shaeffer. Don’t be ashamed of the rock. It mightn’t be such a bad idea with temperatures very frequently over 40 degrees (104 fahrenheit) the last month. The Ultimate Blog… Continue Reading