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Show Your Clients You Care – Send Them A Gift

corporate gift giving

Today’s post was written by Renee Wallace of Its Alicious. Enjoy her great suggestions then pop over to Renee’s site and say g’day!

It has always been seen as a nice thing to thank your clients, after all, if they weren’t your clients, you might not be in business.  Thanking customers with a tangible item can make a great marketing statement, thus distinguishing your business or service from others.

Receiving a gift, especially one with an elegant presentation, will make anyone feel happy and appreciated.  When you send a thank you gift to a client it not only makes them feel special and valued, but more importantly keeps them coming back.  It also makes your client more likely to refer your products and services to their friends and family.  So a gift that might cost you $20 to start with could bring in quite a bit of extra business, thus making it a worthwhile business investment.

Saying thank you is an essential element of building referral business.  At a minimum, it is almost essential for a small business that is service orientated to at least send a card to a client, to thank the client for their business.  Receiving cards is often unmemorable, so going the extra distance to send a small gift with the card as well will show you are thoughtful and prepared to go the extra mile.  It is better to be forgotten after sending a thank you card than be remembered as the business who didn’t even bother to send anything.

Here are six great, inexpensive gift ideas for the small business, as a way to thank your clients: Continue Reading