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Don’t Make Me Angry: Customer Service 101

Some of my beautiful readers, possibly including you, have reported this website coming up with ‘502 Bad Gateway nginx’ errors. Being the tech expert I am *cough* *cough*I googled the error to see if I could fix the problem myself.

Having had my ego crushed when I worked out I might as well have been reading the solution in Hungarian (I know English and a tiny bit of Italian a best) I decided it was best to get some real IT support. Unfortunately Moss from The IT Crowd wasn’t available.

This is where the customer service lesson begins. Continue Reading

Laundromat has brain – Further improvements

You may remember my recent blog post about customer satisfaction and my local laundromat. Well, the business has made some further improvements that will increase loyalty and profitability. If you are anything like me, you despise don’t like doing the washing. Again, if you are like me, the minute you decide to go to the laundromat… Continue Reading

Laundromat with brain = Customer loyalty

Business training, books and online resources bleat the importance of customer service. It will make your customers “happy” they say. The question remains though will those customers become loyal champions of your business? Is customer service enough? Will customer service set you apart from your competitors? Continue Reading