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How Setting Effective Business Goals Can Prevent Fried Business Brain

How To Set Effective Business Goals And Prevent Fried Business Brain

Note: Today’s guest post was written by the lovely Leanne Chesser.

Have you ever felt like you’re just completely overwhelmed with all that you have to do in your business?

Do you feel distracted by 47 different things at once?

Are you sometimes (or maybe all the time) just doing random stuff, hoping that you’ll create the result you want?

Those are elements of fried business brain.

You know what I mean . . .

It’s those feelings of:

  • frenzy
  • scrambling
  • grasping
  • exhaustion
  • overwhelm
  • frustration
  • lack of focus
  • having WAY too much to do
  • and chaos in your head and possibly in the space around you

So, what can you do?

Well . . .

Setting effective business goals can eliminate fried business brain!

The key word here is effective.

Here’s how to set effective business goals: Continue Reading