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Frustrated By Facebook? Rock Your Mailing List!

Edgerank changes are affecting Facebook pages.

A lot of small business owners – especially those with a crafty biz – have been heavily reliant on Facebook to promote their businesses for the last few years. The benefits are obvious.

It’s a free platform, and it has reach and shareability not found anywhere else online. It’s easy to connect with friends, and to build a fan base – and let’s face it, people like to just hang out on Facebook! So, if your business is there, chances are good that they’ll stumble across it if it’s in their circle of interest.

Now, I love social media – it has been instrumental in building my business. I use my Facebook business page daily to build my traffic and interact with my customers – it’s a key part of my marketing strategy… but it’s not the core.

Recent changes to the Facebook algorithm have many people up in arms about the fact that only around 10% of your likers now see your Page status updates.

Of course, there was never a time that 100% of your likers saw your updates, but there has definitely been a noticeable drop since they did the last tweak to Edgerank – the Facebook algorithm that decides what it will and won’t show you in your feed.

The fundamental truth is – you don’t own your Facebook Page. Or your twitter page. Or any other social media page. So, the harsh reality is that no matter how many years or how much time you put into building your social media page/presence, the company who run that social media platform can turn around at any time and shut you down/block you/cancel your account – or, less dramatically, change things so that you can’t connect with your community as easily as you once could.

What’s the solution? Do you give up on social media as a waste of your time? No, not at all. It is a powerful way to ‘meet’ new people and connect with them.

However, what you SHOULD be doing is focussing your main marketing efforts on a platform that you do control. One that allows you direct contact with your community.

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Robins Ag Service Online Marketing Review…4th Day Of Christmas

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