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Before You Delete Your Opt In Incentive…

list building opt in incentivesWhy is it that whenever we’re dreaming of achieving something wonderful we understand how important it is to set specific goals and yet when it comes to list building quite often we don’t?

Perhaps there’s a lack of confidence, a lack of belief in our ability to control our list building results.

It might also be why such fear of losing subscribers exists. Such belief that you must have 1,000 subscribers before you can monetise your list.

We create opt in incentives hoping to build our list but aren’t quite sure what response each incentive will get and if an incentive appears to ‘under-perform’ we throw all the valuable content out and start again.

Reaching 500 subscribers was a long, hard battle for me, not least because I’d been in business for three years before starting to list build. Can you believe at least one of those years was wasted simply because I thought I had to create the perfect incentive?

I knew I needed an incentive to entice readers to join my list.

I knew about the various options for creating an opt in incentive.

And I still didn’t do it just in case I got it wrong. Perhaps you felt this way too? Continue Reading