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Lessons Learned Sharing A Gift Via Twitter

Lessons Learned Sharing A Free Gift Via TwitterWhoops!

It seems I’ve created a bit of a commotion on Twitter.

Is it good or bad?

That’s simply a matter of opinion and everyone is absolutely entitled to an opinion but that’s not the focus of this post.

To give you a bit of background earlier this week I created a little gift for anyone attending Problogger’s PBEvent on the Gold Coast later this year.

Having attended four major blogging / online marketing conferences in the past two years I’ve learned that they are fantastic for gaining new ideas and connections that we often write copious notes about.

Here’s the issue… Continue Reading

The Count Down Is On For…

  Problogger Event 2012 It’s almost a year since I attended my first ever online business conference, Problogger Event 2011. And oh my did it open up me up to a whole new world of possibilities and awesome people. At the time I wrote a summary post: 26 Problogger #PBEvent Tips – The Fast & Furious Guide.… Continue Reading