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The First Of Many Trips Of A Lifetime – Europe

London, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest…are you jealous? It’s with great excitement I share this news. I am off on my first overseas trip towards the end of June. Six weeks in Europe, the continent I have always dreamed of exploring. You might remember it listed it in Mission 28.

Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Monaco, Florence, Rome…are just some of the places I will visit in the second half of my adventure. Of course, there will be a visit to the Moulin Rouge, a gondola serenade and the Leaning Tower of Pisa but also a pesto making lesson, a perfumery tour and boat around St. Tropez.

I would love for you to come with me. Despite many offers to carry my bags I’d never expect you to. If you will be in Europe during July be sure to let me know.

So what will this mean for the Better Business, Better Life blog? Well you will probably see a European flavour as I experience new customs and cultures. Fear not though, there will also be other regular posts to keep you busy.

Please continue your likes and comments. I love them and will check them whenever I can get Internet access. Before then I’d love to hear your best packing and travel tips. I mean to say six weeks and only 20kgs….I will need all the ideas you can give.

4 Responses to The First Of Many Trips Of A Lifetime – Europe

  1. Oh do I have advice for you on the packing side!!! Having sent stuff home to make room and not using some of the stuff I still had with me I have many words of wisdom. And I had much more baggage liberty cos we flew biz class!!! Not that i reached my limit in wt just in space!!

    • Hope you had a fantastic trip Chris! Can’t wait to see some photos on Facebook!
      Do tell more on the packing tips. I can see you should write an ebook. I was all set to start packing last night until I realised my suitcase is about 5cm too big for one of the tour companies.
      Cheers, Caylie

  2. I. Am. SO. Jealous! I went on two trips two Europe in high school, but never as an adult who could actually make choices. My advice: Live it up! If there’s something you want to try, try it. You probably won’t regret a failure, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to regret letting an opportunity pass. As for packing, take less “stuff” than you think you’ll need but carry some extra (read: non-spending) cash just in case. Have fun!!!

    • Thanks so much Kati! To be honest I’m still not sure it’s hit me that I’m actually going. I’m sure the airport will do that. Which parts of Europe did you visit during your trips? Caylie

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