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Twitter Direct Messages Done Smart

Last fortnight you read my rant about generic automated direct messages. Yes, I really did compare them to rotten eggs. Today let’s talk about a very smart use of direct messages to grow your community.

It’s human nature to feel valued when someone asks for your opinion. You might feel respected and trusted. Possibly appreciated too.

This is normal.

So as business owners and bloggers how can you leverage this concept on Twitter?

It’s simple but not easy.

Let’s pull apart an example:

Tommy Walker @tommyismyname

Hey Caylie. I know we don’t talk much but what are the ethics of online manipulation? Would you mind adding your .02?

Why is this so clever?

  • It asks for my opinion (a little bit of flattery can go a long way).
  • It acknowledges that Tommy isn’t in regular contact (reducing potential barriers to me responding).
  • Tommy uses my name (this shows effort has gone in to acknowledge me as an individual).
  • It’s a down to earth message (sincerity is always appreciated).

My reaction to this was to click the link and comment on the post.

It generated exactly the action Tommy was seeking.

He then validated my action by responding to the reader comments from his previous post in the one he linked to, demonstrating his appreciation for his readers.

Was this a smart use of direct messaging?


Of the 34 commenters, 27 were people he messaged directly on Twitter.

Would he have got the same response using automated direct messages?


So here is a challenge for you!

How can you apply this concept and leverage direct messaging in Twitter?

Can you extend it to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Twitter Direct Messages Done Smart first appeared on Better Business Better Life.

4 Responses to Twitter Direct Messages Done Smart

  1. How true! I hate it when I follow someone and get a DM that is obviously automated, makes me feel worthless. And Annoyed!

    Great post thanks.

    • Hi Jules,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think the automated DMs are a reflection on the follower not your worth.
      Glad to have you visit again :o)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much Caylie for sharing that!

    I’ll be honest, I felt a little dirty about doing the DM stuff at first, because like Jules said, it can be pretty obtrusive, and if not done right, totally impersonal.

    The exact things that you mention in the article are the things that I had in mind when I crafted the message, so it’s cool to see that you picked up on that!

    Now I’m gong to have to check out your rant on auto messages just to see where you were coming from before I Dmed you 😛

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