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Quit Automated Direct Messages On Twitter Immediately – A Public Service Announcement

Angry Twitter Bird - Automatic Direct Messaging

Ok, this is actually a rant but stay with me.

In the world of 140 characters you can convey very effective messages.

From asking questions to build connections, supporting others by retweeting their content, even growing your own profile, Twitter has many benefits.

The direct message portion of Twitter however tends to be a wasteland. A rubbish dump.

And what is top of the heap?

Automated direct messages.

You know the type.

“Enjoy our free ebook on XYZ.”

“Thank you for following me. I do XZY.”


“Like me on Facebook.”

Here’s an idea…

If you really want to show you care why not use my name and ask a question about me. Get to know me and how you might be able to offer real value.

Sure. Your ebook, course or Facebook page may be great.

The point is I will never know and you will never get this potential subscriber to convert.

How much notice do you really think I will take of a generic message that all of your new followers receive?

This tactic really stinks.

It makes me question how much you really value your followers, readers, likers and subscribers. Would I really want to spend time on someone who doesn’t care? Would I really download or like something in case it is useful one day?

Do you remember Sonia Simone’s advice that to build a loyal, engaged audience you must act in a manner that enables people to know, like and trust you?

If you are employing generic automated direct messages you are effectively throwing rotten eggs on know, like and trust. Click to tweet.

Don’t expect too many people to hang around when you stink of rotten eggs.

If you use automated direct messages PLEASE stop now!

If you have received these messages how do you feel about them? Do you think they stink and belong to the rubbish dump?

P.S. If you agree with this rant I’d be ever so grateful if you shared it on Twitter. Please help me broadcast this public service announcement.

4 Responses to Quit Automated Direct Messages On Twitter Immediately – A Public Service Announcement

  1. Although I’m still new to Twitter I totally get your point. Sounds like SPAMing rather than putting the focus on relationships and how you can help others.

  2. I usually just ignore delete them. It takes quite a bit for me to follow someone in the first place – especially as I’m not on Twitter very much…

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