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Bring It! What Value Do You Bring To The World?

Businesses and their owners exist to serve the customer. In order to serve they must offer value. And by value I don’t mean just price wise (in fact if you compete purely on price your existence may be limited).

Last week the lovely Kimberly Creagan posted a beautiful ‘Grow Your Business’ series on her Blossom Design Studio blog. It focused on her goals for 2012 and how the concepts applied to all businesses. You might remember Kimberly’s work from here.

Day 2 of the series focused on Value.

Kimberly covered value in terms of price, content, freebies, buzz pieces and giving more still.

The brilliance of the post came from the value Kimberly offered within it. Not only did she suggest subscribing to her free newsletter and offer a discounted branding package; Kimberly offered the sweet design shown above as a download. Something lovely for her readers to keep and a terrific showcase of her talents.

Today I Will Bring Value To The World

So inspired by Kimberly I have two actions I want you to take:

  1. Ask yourself ‘What Value Do I Bring To The World’? Share your answer with me in the comments.
  2. Head to Kimberly’s blog now and enjoy the series. I guarantee you will get a ton of value from it.

2 Responses to Bring It! What Value Do You Bring To The World?

  1. Caylie, Love the question you ask here!

    I bring value to the world by using my talents to inspire people, bring more beauty into the lives of others, and help others to grow their business with a strong and attractive brand.

    Thanks again for spreading the love!

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