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26 Problogger #PBEvent Tips – The Fast & Furious Guide

Sonia Simone (Copyblogger), Problogger #PBEvent


This week blogland has been full of FABULOUS blog posts reviewing the recent Problogger #PBEvent in Melbourne. All have contained unique, valuable and enjoyable information.

I wanted to give you a round up of the ideas and lessons I personally learned (possibly as the last blogger to post). I also realised that you may not have time to read indepth posts.

So here is The Fast & Furious Guide by speaker and what they had to say.

Darren Rowse AKA Problogger

1. When blogging join heart with smart.
2. Ask a question of your readers every week.
3. Be playful and surprise your readers.
4. Treat you blog as a business.
5. Know who you are writing for (not your mum).
6. Ask where and then visit wherever your potential readers are gathering.
7. Experiment, test, tweak. Repeat!

Caz and Craig Makepeace, Y Travel Blog

8. Monetise your audience not your blog.
9. Customers must know, like AND trust before they will buy. 


Chris Owen (Pink Apple) & Andrea McKenna (Food We Love)



Sonia Simone AKA Copyblogger Digital Content Editor

10. Use cookie content to reward the reader.
11. Offer “quick to implement” solutions to your readers.
12. Be consistent. Show up.
13. Start your blogging calendar with less posts than you think you can manage.
14. Listen to the problems people have on social platforms. These will become your keywords.
15. Remember you readers are possibly totally tech illiterate.
16. If you do something really comprehensive then monetise it.
17. Use lead in posts to build reader interest in that topiv.
18. Use lead ins to overcome objections prior to your launch.
19. If you content bombs and it’s important, look at your headline.

Lucy Feagins, The Design Files

20. Consider an annual reader survey.
21. Readers respond to quirky, offbeat posts.
22. Always use original photos.


Jade Craven (right) & I (crazy moment)



Phoebe Montague AKA Lady Melbourne

23. Leave comments on 50 blogs per day and NOT just “nice shoes.”
24. Always respond to reader comments.
25. Have a YouTube channel. 

Nicole Avery, The Planning Queen

26. Respond to emails in five sentences or less.


I would highly recomment Problogger’s #PBEvents to both new and experienced bloggers for the blogging sessions and getting to meet your virtual friends in real life.

If you would like more detailed explanation of any of the tips be sure to add your questions to the comments.

Bring on Problogger’s #PBEvent 2012!!!




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