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29 Blogging Tips To Celebrate 29 Years

Blogging Tips To Smarten Your Site

Update: Following a few requests in the comments (thank you!) we’ve created a super cute printable of 29 Tips To Revamp Your Blog! To get your copy click here

You know how some birthdays make you feel old and slow? Sometimes your blog can feel stale and grey too. When this happens it’s time to spice things up!

Seeing as much to my horror I turned 29 last week (since when did I care this much about getting older?)  I‘ve decided it’s also perfect time for us all to freshen up our blogs. Break the routine and spring clean!

Here are 29 quick strategies to freshen up your blog!

1. Refine your blog categories.

2. Can you change up your opt in offer?

3. Add Click To Tweet to key messages in your posts.

4. Set up Google Authorship.

5. Create a piece of epic content.

6. Trade guest posts with someone in your niche.

7. Add your image to your header.

8. De-clutter. What’s on your blog that you don’t need? Get rid of it now!

9. Brainstorm a blog challenge you could host. Need convincing? Check this out.

10. Less than transparent previously? Add an affiliate and disclosure statement to your blog.

11. Have you used audio on your blog? If so, add the transcript. If not, create a recording and add a summary.

12. Ask five people you know to tell you what your home page says to them.

13. Are your images Pin-worthy? Revisit your three most recent posts and improve if necessary.

14. Use Wordle to make sure your posts match your priorities.

15. Is your blog monetised? Brainstorm and map out a new income stream.

16. Cross the floor. If your blog is usually serious, try a light hearted voice. If you are usually sarcastic, write a super sincere post.

17. Create a resources page.

18. Add a related posts plugin to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer.

19. In Google Analytics identify the type of post that get the best results, then write another following that format but add a twist at the end.

20. Ask your readers for questions.

21. Create an infographic using a free tool such as Piktochart and share it on your blog.

22. Do you guest post? Add an ‘As Seen On’ section to your sidebar to increase social proof.

23. Disagree with an A-Lister and tell us why.

24. Check for broken links and fix them.

25. Change your image on your About page.

26. Start a new regular feature.

27. When did you last include a video in your posts? Do it now.

28. Do you have an opt in box under your posts? Add one.

29. Refresh your mind and you’ll bring a new energy to your blog.

How you implement your spring clean is up to you – you could do one item a day; split the tasks across four weeks and designate a day to implement each week or however else will work best.

Share your plan in the comments and add your spring cleaning suggestions too!


Update: Following a few requests in the comments (thank you!) we’ve created a super cute printable version! To get your copy click here

69 Responses to 29 Blogging Tips To Celebrate 29 Years

  1. I had a little chuckle about your getting older at 29 comment Caylie – I wish! Thanks for the list – it has become my new “To Do” list for my blog – all those things I knew I needed to do all in one place 🙂

    • LOL Ana! As much as I had a fit, I also loved giving friends grief that they’re “soooo much” older than me.
      Glad it’s your to do list now – there are some on it I need to do too.

  2. Caylie, these are GREAT suggestions! I shared them with a group of budding professional intuitives I’m mentoring – they’ve got the intuitive part down, but the business end is tougher.

    You’ve done a great job pulling together disparate pieces to get them moving into action.

    Well done! Thank you!

    • Hi Marissa!
      There are so many elements to blogging and trying to remember them all is a challenge.
      Glad to prompt you on Click To Tweet because you always have such awesome tips to share.
      Cheers, Caylie 🙂

  3. Thanks for making this post! I’ve felt a kind of strucked lately, so this is a really good checklist for me!

  4. These are awesome tips. I want to add my image to my header, but I need a new pic first! Happy birthday, Caylie!

  5. Great tips. I’m in the process of doing a little late summer cleaning. I want to rid my blog of the many unnecessary things I’ve accumulated. I also want to begin to host affiliate ads. That’s my August goal.

    • Awesome Sojourner! I’m sure you’ve hear of him but Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income rocks affiliate marketing. Check him out but be sure to come back 😉

  6. Oh my goodness, this list is AMAZING. I’m going to set up Google Authorship right now. And I didn’t know about Wordle. Can you explain it? Thanks Caylie!

    • Sure thing Jen. Wordle creates word clouds from the text in your website’s source code. The most frequently mentioned words become the largest in the word cloud.
      Good work on implementing Authorship too – action gets results.

    • Hi Desiree,
      Constant improvement is excellent and will lead to the best results in the long term.
      Did you have other items on your list you could sharing with us?

  7. Happy birthday Caylie!

    Love the “freshening up” tips – I’ve had “resources page” on my website refresh list for quite some time, and that is the one that popped out to me to focus on in the next week!

    Watch this space 🙂

  8. i think I may have to tack these tips to my refrigerator…Thanks Caylie.

    Oh and happy birthday! 29 is just the beginning of so many wonderful decades to come. Enjoy my young friend.

  9. Thanks Caylie! This list is great. It is reassuring to know that I have implemented some of this strategies already. And now, I am excited to spice up my blog with some of the others, #21 in particular. Today, I really needed to hear #29 as I am experiencing a little bit of writer’s block. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Elise,
      We’ve all have writer’s block at some point! Time for some fresh air and change of pace to rejuvenate.
      Can’t wait to see the infographic you create.

    • Hi Mandy,
      Getting Google Authorship sorted is definitely a priority for anyone writing online. If Google does introduce Author Rank (similar to Page Rank which already exists) you will be on the front foot!
      Cheers, Caylie

  10. Great tips I have heard about the google authorship but never signed up. I think your about me page is so important I also like catchy titles it will make me click on for sure. Stopping over from SITS

  11. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this post before! I have actually had it up in my- what do you call it – browser? on my computer for I think 2 weeks now so I can keep coming back and checking out new ideas. Thank you for SO many great ideas!! I often find myself at a loss, so this is very helpful

  12. Wow! What an amazing checklist, Caylie! : D

    I have to say… I am a HUGE fan of the blog challenge idea! The most content I’ve ever added to my blog was during a challenge like this… 7 posts in 7 days.

    I still promote those posts and drive traffic through social media channels. It’s awesome!


    PJ Van Hulle
    Real Prosperity, Inc.

    “Have Fun. Do Good. Make Money.”

  13. Hi Caylie,

    Great blog post! I saw your post in the FB Ultimate Blog Challenge. I started a new blog/website this year. Excited to add your tips!

    Quick question: Any suggestions on guest blogging for newbies? And what are your thoughts on having guest bloggers on your blog? I am hearing mixed reviews. Thanks!

  14. wonderful tips, caylie! i’m planning to go back through each point more carefully. there is always something you can do to improve the look and usability of your blog – and you have 29 of them all in one place! thank you.

  15. I’ve done several of these with my blog over the past few months, definitely feels good to declutter my blog! Hadn’t heard of some of these though, will have to try them on my next round of clean up. Thanks!

  16. Thanks, I love your list, thanks. I have one addition at the top of my lists – to combine all the lists I have collected and made. They are in Evernote, bits of paper, pocket, notes and loads of places I leave them.

  17. There’s nothing I hate more than broken links on blogs and websites they ruin a visitors experience. I actually a couple of plugins such as Redirection to make that easier to manage.

    As for option boxes what is everyone using these days? I get a lot of value from Sumome

  18. Great list, Caylie. Certainly something for bloggers of every level. I’ve been doing this for awhile and it’s always nice to be reminded of some of the simple things we all forget to do. Thanks for the refresher! =)

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