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3 mistakes that keep you broke and exhausted PLUS my exclusive chat with Denise Duffield-Thomas

What if you always felt confident in your ability to make more money in your business and to charge what you’re worth?

How about an almost ‘ATM-like’ ability to create the income you want, when you want it – without working more hours or being on the brink of burnout?

Um, yes please!

Today I had the opportunity to interview Denise Duffield-Thomas, my money mindset mentor and all round top chick. 

Denise is an award winning speaker, best-selling author and entrepreneur who helps women transform their economy-class money mindset into a first-class business and life.

Listen as we chat about:

> How becoming visible and asking for the sale isn’t ‘enough’ to increase your income

> Why money mindset is the game changer in business

> Denise’s experience using Facebook Live to help her grow Lucky Bitch

> How using Denise’s techniques helped me create my first $20K month and $10K+ weeks

> How Denise decides what and when to share about her business evolution

Here’s the thing…making money wasn’t always easy for me (at least until I met Denise) and if making money in your business feels hard, then listen up.

Denise has proven that you CAN create a multi-million dollar enterprise from scratch (while raising a family!)

Along with her books and speaking, Denise’s Money Bootcamp has helped nearly 4,000 women clear their money blocks, transform their money mindsets, and collectively earn millions more in income, all while having a lot more joy and ease in their lives.

What Denise discovered is when you have hidden (or obvious) blocks around money, you can have the best marketing, the fanciest website, and the greatest business idea – and you’ll still have to work really hard to earn money, if you make any at all.

Once you learn to break through your money blocks, though, abundance begins to flow toward you easily and without struggle.

That’s why Denise just released her new and FREE Money Mindset Workshop, available for a short time, to walk you step by step through the process of transforming your money mindset.

Click Here To Access Video 1: 3 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke And Exhausted — And How You Can Eliminate Them (Update: No longer available.)

3 mistakes that keep women entrepreneurs flat broke and exhausted with Denise Duffield-Thomas

In it, you’ll learn what it really takes to succeed in the new economy, as well as the 3 key mistakes that so many women in business make that keep them broke and burned out — or that force them to quit their businesses altogether.

More importantly, you’ll learn how to eliminate these mistakes! And to do it in a fresh way that feels easy (maybe even a little… lazy?) and fun.

I want you to be fully prepared to succeed in the rapidly changing business atmosphere we’re in right now, so I strongly recommend you watch Denise’s new video training to learn about these mistakes and how to fix them.

And remember…keep thriving!

Caylie x


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