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3 Things I’ve Noticed About London (Lessons For Business Owners)

1. Public servants are unhappy. Teachers and border control officers have been on strike since I arrived. A third of all public schools closed while another third were only partially operational (Sky News).

Lesson: Business owners beware. Unhappy employees take action and it doesn’t always lead to positive outcomes. Show initiative before it’s too late.

2. The underground network is superbly efficient and clean. It is the oldest system of its type in the world and provides three and a half million journeys every day.

Lesson: Age and ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ syndrome don’t make poor logistics excusable. If you don’t deliver on time, every time take action now or prepare to say goodbye to your business.

3. Londoners provide exceptional customer experiences and could out sell Australians any day. That doesn’t mean they are forceful in making their sales, they just maximise their opportunities.

Lesson: Provide your employees with ongoing customer service and leadership training, lead by example and reap the rewards.

What have you learned about business travelling overseas?

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