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6 Ways To Solve Your Website Traumas

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Have you ever had to walk away from your computer ready to implode because you couldn’t figure out one little piece of the puzzle? (Or should I ask how frequently?)

Had people checking everything is alright from the next room?

Rage building inside that you couldn’t contain much longer? Know what I’m talking about?

Let me share a story…

Just this morning I was about ready to tear my hair out. I was trying to verify my website and convert my Pinterest account over to the new business option. Admittedly I’m a little late to the party. If you haven’t already you should too.

I found the Pinterest help guide for verification and chose the easier option. Naturally my wordpress theme didn’t agree with this and I very quickly reversed my efforts. The alternative was to add a file to my FTP server.

Sure I could download the file but FTP whaaat??? Yep, really tech savvy.

Nevertheless, I logged into the back ended of my website and found about FTP icons. I only knew to do this because I vaguely remembered my web designer mentioning FTPs. Clicking on the different icons I couldn’t figure out which to use.

Just thinking about it makes me restless BUT I used a few resources to sort it out!

You can also save your sanity with these six sources of wisdom. Each will help you solve your challenge much faster than bashing your computer with the ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ paperweight you bought recently.

(Bear in mind that if you’re going to try and fix anything BACK UP YOUR WEBSITE FIRST!!!)

SANITY SAVER #1 – Google

If it’s not on Google it doesn’t exist? Maybe. Or more likely it’s there but you aren’t asking the right question or understanding the right answer.  When I googled verification instructions plenty of posts talked about the process but none told me where in the FTP options I was supposed to do it.


Quora is a question-and-answer website created, edited and organized by its community of users. It covers a broad range of topics in great detail. Just be aware that any user of Quora can answer your questions and there are no guarantees they know any more than you do.

SANITY SAVER #3 – Facebook Groups

Ahh, how I love an active Facebook group. For example, I’m a member of Serena Star-Leonard’s Blog Love group. Everyone is fantastic at supporting and answering each other’s questions. The diversity of the group means at least one person is likely to have experienced the issue and learned how to solve it.

SANITY SAVER #4 – Web Host Company

A quality hosting company will have live chat support and be able to answer many tech questions even if they are not directly related to hosting. Although it still took a little experimentation on my part, it was my hosting company told me the folders I needed to find to upload code.

SANITY SAVER #5 – Forums

Regardless of your niche there will be forums you can search for answers. I’ve certainly used Warrior Forum previously with good results.


If the issue is completely beyond your understanding (don’t frown it happens to everyone) consider outsourcing. Websites such as Fiverr, Elance, Odesk and many more have skilled freelancers ready to assist you. Something that might take you hours to solve could take five minutes for someone with the right knowledge.  Check out freelancers’ feedback ratings before you hire them.

Feeling a little more relaxed?

Keep in mind these help avenues next time a challenge crops up. They’ll save you time and time is money.

Do you have a sanity saver you always turn to? Make the world a happier place, share it in the comments!

9 Responses to 6 Ways To Solve Your Website Traumas

  1. Great post Caylie! I love some of your suggestions for getting tech savvy by sourcing info from other sites/services. I must admit, despite writing a post about how to verify my Pinterest account I did just sent the code straight to my IT guy…but generally I get a lot of success out of Google, and I think your suggestions re calling a (good) web hosting company or Quora or Facebook Groups are all very valid an easy ways to “Keep Calm”. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Donna,
      Thank you so much for commenting! I must admit I love that you shared re Pinterest verification. I know you are a total pro and I aspire to your level of knowledge and skill but sometimes it’s reassuring to know even the pros get help. Is that wrong? 😉 *shame*
      Be sure to pop by again!

  2. Good suggestions, nice to know about some (most) of them. You forgot to include “time out” sometimes just walking away and doing something different helps me see the solution when I return. That or I’ll call someone to vent and when I return viola! I see the solution. Not always, which is why I love your tips. Thanks

    • Hi Nita,
      I can’t believe I left time out off the list. I’m a huge advocate of ‘walkin’ away.’ It really does work.
      Thanks for the awesome reminder!

  3. Thank you Caylie! Great information! I am always overwhelmed when I’m working on my site, trying to create quality content and not seem to salesy. Love the resources!

    • Thanks Diane! Glad to help. I know exactly what you are talking about – if you have a particular topic you’d like written about please be sure to let me know 🙂

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