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7 Things You Might Want To Know About Me Before #DPCON12

Less than 48 hours from now some of you and I will be getting to know each other at the Digital Parents Conference Drinks before getting together for the “official” event on Friday. In real life. Face-to-face.

Twitter has been an awesome tool that has helped me get to know many of you but there’s nothing quite like meeting the person behind the Twitter handle.

The biggest challenge though can be asking questions to build a conversation and possibly a wonderful friendship. That’s where Jackie Purnell and Melanie Kissell come to our rescue.

This week I read a post by Jackie of Respectfully Disobedient taking up a challenge from Melanie of Solo Mumpreneur to reveal seven things that you might not know about her.

I love reading what Jackie had to share and then it occurred to me…

Why not use this concept to reveal some random things about me that might lead to an interesting conversation at #DPCON12?

So here they are. Seven things you might not know about me (and could possibly soon regret knowing???):

1. I had a phobia of chooks when I was little (yes, younger than approximately 22 really is little sort of).
2. When in France last year I ate mustard icecream – a very weird tasting experience.

3. Despite the rumours I don’t stink at cooking, I just don’t agree with my current oven.

4. My first business adventures included rearing bobby calves, selling horse manure and washing windows. Nothing like growing up on a farm.

5. When nervous what few words I manage will tumble from my mouth joinedtogetherbacktofrontandinsideoutwithstrangesoundsoftenadded. Once I’m comfortable though I have a rather trumpet like laugh (unfortunately).

6. Last year I bought a Carlton Football Club 3-game membership for my man in my name by accident and I don’t even barrack for a team. Imagine his excitement when he opened his present that had MY name on it. Oops!

7. I brain dump business and blogging ideas while waiting at the laundromat. It’s actually an incredibly productive exercise.

Bonus reveals:

8. Yes that’s me in the picture above.

9. I can tend to be anal retentive and don’t like to put numbers as symbols rather than spelling them out if they are ten or below – please refer to the examples above ;o) It goes back to my journalism studies at university.

So now you know a little more about me. I really hope I haven’t completely scared you away.

I’d love for you to join the fun. You can write your own post or just share in the comments. Whatever is easiest.

Can’t wait to meet you! It’s almost time.

19 Responses to 7 Things You Might Want To Know About Me Before #DPCON12

    • Go for your life Lou! I can’t claim credit for the original idea – Melanie Kissell is the lady.
      Be sure to share your post once it’s done!

  1. This is great! What’s a chook? I’m not familiar with the Aussie lingo. 😉 I can relate to the first part of number 5…it totally happened to me today, ugh! And I sometimes burst out in a really loud, wha-laugh! This was fun to read. I’ll have to play along sometime soon!

    • Hey Kim!
      We do have a ‘special’ way with words us Aussies ;o) A chook is a chicken / hen.
      I can’t wait to read your post when it’s ready!
      Cheers, Caylie

  2. Well Hello Caylie,

    Very nice to virtually meet you and a fellow Aussie too 🙂

    I can sooo identify with the chooks thing…I’m not a fan even now.

    As for the mustard ice cream, I don’t think I would have been game to try that…sounds revolting.

    Glad that Mel and I were able to provide a little inspiration for the post. It’s a great way of connecting with more people. I hope some of your readers jump onboard and reveal a little sumfin’ bout themselves too.

    Love the look and feel of your site btw.
    Have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of you round the interwebz.

    Have a great day Caylie and enjoy your DPCON, sounds like fun 🙂

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thank you so much for reading and visiting!
      If you think the mustard icecream sounds bad you should try snails. Now that is an experience.
      I appreciate your comments about my site. I’ve been tossing up about changing the branding slightly and introducing a third colour (possibly some shade of purple). Do you have any thoughts on this?
      Looking forward to keeping in touch!

      • Snails….no way jose…I couldn’t even go there.

        I’m happy to partake of the culture, I do love France, but snails…nope I won’t go there.

        On the webstie changes, I’ll flick you an email…don’t want to hog the comments section 🙂

        See ya in your inbox.

  3. Hey Caylie!

    I’m so jazzed you jumped in to take the “7” challenge — although we anal-retentive high achievers can’t just stop at seven, can we?! 🙂

    Tell you what … I don’t want either one of these nasty jobs:

    ” … selling horse manure and washing windows.”

    No matter how you stack it up, both jobs stink. LOL!

    I’m with Jackie — I’ll pass on the mustard ice cream.

    The only thing I want mustard on is my chook. *Grin*

    When I nominated Jackie for this challenge, I wasn’t really sure she’d accept. But I’m SO glad she did because look what’s happening …

    Lots of bloggers are having a great time sharing fun facts with their readers and these posts are getting passed around … and around. Yay!

    Have a royal BLAST at the DPCon! And have a drink for me. 😉

    • Hey Melanie!
      I am so excited to have you pop by, read and comment. Thank you!
      I actually did LOL when I read the over achievers comment. Are you a first born child as well?
      Thanks for the DPCon wishes. I won’t have a drink but hopefully a Lindt chocolate ball will be a suitable alternative for you ;o)
      Cheers, Caylie

  4. What are ‘bobby calves’?

    All the best for the new venture – you ‘blow me away’ with your ideas!

    • Hey Rose!
      How are you? Thanks so much for commenting! I’d love to read your list too.
      By bobby calves I mean bucket reared on powdered milk. My three younger sisters and I raised at least six every year (sometimes more like thirty). It was our ‘pocket money’ effectively and we loved every minute. Even on the cold, wet mornings before school.
      Cheers, Caylie

  5. HA! I tend to not want to write numbers as symbols either. The only reason I do is because I think MOST people think it’s weird to read numbers. See you around the web for now and maybe in person if our paths ever get the chance to cross!

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