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A Heartfelt Benefit Of Self Employment + UBC July

Time flies when blogging

Where does time go?

Three months ago I was participating in the April 2012 round of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge run by Michelle Schaeffer and Michelle Scism.

And it feels like yesterday.

During the April challenge I managed just 13 posts which feels like a fail whale given I set a personal goal of 20 posts for the month. That said, it set a new monthly traffic record and saw my most commented on post ever.

As you might have guessed the July challenge begins today and this is my first post.

I thought I’d share some of the key themes Better Business Better Life will cover this month then tell you about a benefit of being self employed.

The focus of posts this month will include:

1.  Building traffic to your blog.

2. Tips from generous A-List folk of the web.

3. A very special announcement next Monday 9th July.

4. Continuous improvement of your blog and small business.

And much, much more.

Please tell me if there is anything you’d love covered or questions you want answered. I’ll do my absolute best to keep you, my gorgeous reader, happy, inspired and learning. It’s a small but heartfelt token of thanks for your support, readership and comments.

Speaking of support here is where the benefit of self-employment comes in.

100 Beanie Drive

A sweet, sweet online friend of mine Jess Van Den of Epheriell Designs has created the most beautiful project in the last couple of days.

Jess’ dad has cancer and has been receiving treatment in Brisbane for a number of months. Jess takes her dad to hospital regularly and recently noticed a small box of beanies that patients can take if they are feeling the cold or need some extra comfort.

Being the beautiful person Jess is she has asked her crafty readers if they could knit or crochet 100 beanies, scarves and mittens during July that she can give to the hospital so no one misses out.

Just a few weeks back when I was working more than full time hours at my day job, running the business and usually out at least six nights a week with commitments I wouldn’t have been able to contribute, even though I would have dearly loved to.

Having gone back to part time employment so I can focus on my business I’ve now got a little more freedom. For example, having worked crazy hours for the last nine months I decided to finally have a weekend off. I could choose this because I know my business commitments and moved them around a little to allow the break. 100 Beanies, Scarves, Mittens Project
Woohoo...the scarf is well past four inches now.

Lo and behold, I decided to get out a scarf I started knitting last winter (yes I only got about four inches done) then took some time to catch up on blogs I love and came across Jess’ post.

Now if you know me at all you will be well aware of how NOT crafty I am. Just asked my bewildered mother and grandmother who couldn’t fathom how I used eight balls of wool (in Carlton colours to support the man’s team) to knit ONE scarf over two long months only to wear it for the first time at the footy and promptly lose it.

Why tell you this? Well, I’ve committed to finishing the second scarf I started to send to Jess and now I’m asking you to help Jess out as well. If I can manage this my family will assure you ANYONE can.

So please take the benefit of flexibility through self employment and use it to join this very special effort.

Will you make the commitment?



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    • No problem Jess!
      Such a beautiful cause. Apologies that the scarf isn’t exactly unisex but I decided getting it done in the wrong colours was better than not at all.

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