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A Tale Of Blogging Friendship + Live Blogging

The Busy Mum's Guide To Making Life Easy

Last week I was honoured to have my first ever guest post ‘Live Blogging For Beginners’ published at Beautifully Organised.

A little ironic given the most popular post ever on this blog to date is ‘9 Ridiculous Reasons Your Guest Post Submission Failed (And 3 That Weren’t Your Fault).’ Thank god the Live Blogging post was accepted and I didn’t look ridiculous…

Marissa Roberts, the mastermind behind Beautifully Organised, was the perfect host giving me ample time to write and thoroughly promoting the content once published.

Marissa even held the post back to coincide with the launch of my Blogging Olympics and Small Business Olympic Challenges. What a sweetie!

That’s the thing about the blogosphere. So many wonderful, supportive people all giving each other a hand up.

If not for the Digital Parents Conference in March Marissa and I may never have met. After all, Marissa lives in New South Wales and I’m in Victoria. We did connect though and a lovely friendship has developed along with web content.

The Busy Mum's Guide To Making Life EasyIt started with a video interview of Marissa sharing her top three organising tips on Better Business Better Life then Marissa asked me to guest post. Now Marissa has released her first e-course ‘The Busy Mum’s Guide To Making Life Easy’ and believe me this chick is a dynamo when it comes to being organised and making life simpler!

If you are struggling to cope with the demands of this crazy hectic life we lead I’d highly recommend you check out Marissa’s course. Everything Marissa does is top notch and she will blow you away with value. Also, you can be assured this is a totally unbiased recommendation, there are no affiliate links or commissions associated with this course.

So head over now and check out ‘The Busy Mum’s Guide To Making Life Easy’ as enrolment closes tomorrow. While you are there stop by ‘Live Blogging For Beginners.’

Have you formed a great friendship and/or working relationship through blogging? Tell me about it.

One Response to A Tale Of Blogging Friendship + Live Blogging

  1. Thanks so much Caylie! I loved having you guest post, and I can’t wait to work together on a project sometime soon 🙂

    I completely agree, my experience blogging has been so positive! I’d never give it up now, not only is it an amazing way to share organising ideas, it’s given me dear friends like you!

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