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Are Facebook Groups dying? How to know if you should close your Facebook group

You couldn’t be blamed for thinking there’s something in the water this week. It seems suddenly all the big Facebook Groups are being shut down left, right and centre.

Kimra Luna’s Freedom Hackers, Melyssa Griffin’s Online Business BFFs, Gena & Jordana’s Your Magical Business and loads more closing immediately or pretty close to it.

It begs the questions:

Are Facebook Groups dying?

Are they not working as a client attraction strategy any more?

Should you start the group you were planning or delete the group you’ve already got?

Before you clamour to follow the lead of these multi-six and seven-figure business owners watch the video to learn the ‘why’ behind the current trend and the opportunities it presents for you…

Haven’t got time to watch the video? Here’s a quick summary:

Why are six- and seven figure entrepreneurs closing their Facebook groups?

The fantastic thing about the business owners I mentioned above is they are being very open with the reasons for shutting down their Facebook groups.

For example, Kimra shared that she is paying for three full time staff to maintain the group and that’s before her own input – it’s a large investment in a free group. Others entrepreneurs are shifting their focus to paid Facebook groups.

These entrepreneurs are ready to uplevel their businesses to million dollar and multi-million dollar operations. What got them to their current level won’t get them to the next, which is the very reason they are shifting focus away from free Facebook groups as a marketing strategy.

What does this mean for your Facebook group?

It’s tempting as business owners to blindly follow the lead set by the A-listers after all “if it’s good enough for them…”


Different marketing strategies are right for different stages of business. Facebook groups have helped these entrepreneurs grow their businesses to a minimum of multi-six figures revenue.

Just because they are moving away now doesn’t mean Facebook groups are dead.

If you want to grow your business to six- or multi-six figures now could be the perfect time to start or grow your Facebook group.

In fact, the closing of groups means that ideal clients are now actively seeking new communities to be part of – this is your opportunity to invite them across and establish a relationship.

So what free strategies can you use to help ideal clients find your group?

1. Make your Facebook group easy to find via your Facebook page

There’s two parts to this technique:

a. Regularly post about your Facebook group within the posts on your Facebook page so fans are encouraged to join.

b. Link your Facebook group and Facebook page within the settings of your page.

2. Clearly communicate the benefits of your Facebook group

This allows potential members to identify why they should care about your group and whether or not they are the right fit.

For example, within the group description of Profit Rocket Entrepreneurs I state the group is for learning how to attract clients and make a profit using the marketing strategies working right now and without burning out.

If you host a weight loss group the benefits could include learning how to safely drop 30+ pounds while reducing the visibility of stretch marks and excess skin (key fears of the target audience).

3. Use keywords whenever you mention your Facebook group

Using keywords within your group description, group tags (within group settings) and group posts enables you to leverage Facebook’s search functionality by potentially being listed within the search results.

For example, if you host a geographically focused Facebook group mention each of the locations you cover. If you host a group focused on systems and productivity for business owners tag the names of tools you recommend.

Not sure which keywords to focus on? Ask yourself:

If someone was searching for a solution to the problem my group solves what words would they type into the search bar.

A word of warning…don’t try to poach members of closing Facebook groups

Following the announcements of specific groups closing, many members are actively promoting their Facebook groups within the original group despite the host rules not allowing promotional posts.

First of all, out of respect for the current group host don’t do this.

Just as importantly, be aware that while you may enjoy the ‘quick win’ of a few new group members, these people are less likely to invest in your products and services than those people who have actively searched for groups to be part of.

Focus on the techniques mentioned above instead and you’ll attract ideal clients rather than freebie seekers.

Next steps:

1. Implement the steps above to get targeted Facebook group members.

2. Boost your Facebook group’s engagement and make money using Facebook Live. Need topic ideas for building know, like, trust and sales? Click here for 15 Simple Facebook Live Topics To Boost List Growth And Sales. It’s FREE!


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