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Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

1st September – wow, hasn’t the year gone fast? Only four months of 2011 to go!

How are you tracking towards your goals? Are you where you expected?

To be fair, asking such questions, I thought I would update you on Mission 28. Here is the progress I’ve made.

2. Go to Europe for a month – As you know I recently enjoyed six weeks holiday in eight countries of Europe. Big tick here.

4. Weigh 70 kilos, my fittest and healthiest – Lost five kilos on Weight Watchers. Also start Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation on 26th Sept.

6. Interview 28 awe inspiring people – Three amazing ladies to date. More fantastic people lined up.

11. Cook a new recipe every week for three months – Made tomato, basil and sour cream pizza; and orange and leek chicken this week. Can’t wait to get stuck into this now I’m home.

17. Swim in the sea six times – Had three wonderful swims in the Mediterranean Sea. So beautiful. Bring on summer in Australia.

20. Take my own photos for my blog and post once a month – Europe trip posted in July. August = fail.

24. Landscape the backyard – Landscape is definitely an overstatement at this stage but we are removing everything ready to go. 

28. Read 50 books (including the 30 by the end of 2011) – Five books read. And Furthermore by Judi Dench, Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki, Super Business by Fraser Doherty, Lifting The Lid On Quiet Achievers by Kerrie Phipps and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. Some serious catching up to do here.

Still plenty of work to be done but a good start.

How will you finish the year? How are you going to refocus and achieve your goals? Tell me in the comments.

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