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Before You Delete Your Opt In Incentive…

list building opt in incentivesWhy is it that whenever we’re dreaming of achieving something wonderful we understand how important it is to set specific goals and yet when it comes to list building quite often we don’t?

Perhaps there’s a lack of confidence, a lack of belief in our ability to control our list building results.

It might also be why such fear of losing subscribers exists. Such belief that you must have 1,000 subscribers before you can monetise your list.

We create opt in incentives hoping to build our list but aren’t quite sure what response each incentive will get and if an incentive appears to ‘under-perform’ we throw all the valuable content out and start again.

Reaching 500 subscribers was a long, hard battle for me, not least because I’d been in business for three years before starting to list build. Can you believe at least one of those years was wasted simply because I thought I had to create the perfect incentive?

I knew I needed an incentive to entice readers to join my list.

I knew about the various options for creating an opt in incentive.

And I still didn’t do it just in case I got it wrong. Perhaps you felt this way too?

Instead of publishing something as a starting point and improving from there, I refused to put anything up. Like having nothing was going to build my list faster than sharing my best efforts.

Thinking about this now makes me want to recoil in horror at the lost opportunities to grow my list.

Of course, eventually I did create an opt in offer and promoted it. I’ve since created nine more incentives for my business and helped numerous clients create their own.

The hard slog to 500 subscribers was the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m actually grateful as now when partnering with clients I understand how nerve-wracking putting your opt in ‘out there’ can be.

Once I figured this ‘list building thing’ out I had found my absolute passion and direction I wanted to take my business. There can be no greater feeling than that.

But I do want to highlight something I mentioned above.

Existing opt in incentives.

Most of us have created more than one opt in incentive. Have you?

You’ve probably spent considerable time researching the problems your ideal clients need solved and the types of information that would be highly valuable to them. You’ve thought about the best way to deliver the content. Your opt in could be text, audio or video based.

And then you’ve put the time and effort into packaging the very best solution you could into an opt in incentive that appeals to your people, your tribe.

First of all, congratulations to you. By following this process you’ve already demonstrated that you appreciate your subscribers and that they’d be well served to learn further as to how you can help them. You know, stay on your list and invest in your offerings.

Secondly, what are you doing with your existing opt ins once the initial excitement within your audience wears off? Once your list’s growth spurt begins to plateau?

This is not the time to give up and throw out the old.

It’s time to get smart and leverage, leverage, leverage.

To extend the lifecycle of your opt in incentive.

Take Derek Halpern or Kat Loterzo for example. They may change up the opt in on their websites regularly but be assured the ‘old’ opt in doesn’t go to waste. The same goes for the incentives I’ve created. You may not see them on my home page anymore, after all it’s good to keep things fresh, but I certainly haven’t gotten rid of them.

The value that existed when you created your opt in remains so don’t think they are obsolete.

That’s why I’ve created the free teleseminar I’m hosting next week. To help you and your opt in incentives work smarter for longer.

promote your existing list building opt in incentive

As entrepreneurs we LOVE to be creating new and exciting things all the time but we also understand the value of working lean and wringing every last drop of goodness out of what we’ve already created.

You are going to love the strategies I’m covering in the call next week. Your time for list building success is NOW.


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  1. It took me a very long time before I got comfortable creating my offer for my optin and wasted a few good years of list building myself. This is a great post to save others from doing the same.

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