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Blogging Makes Me Joyful…40 Bloggers Tell All

Blogging Joy - 40 Bloggers Share Why Blogging Makes Them Joyful

A post called ‘Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…‘ has become one of the most popular posts we’ve published on Better Business Better Life to date.

Knowing you enjoyed and commented so much I thought it would be fun to see how bloggers felt six months on. Here’s what bloggers had to say:

Shawn Snyder – SRS Virtual Assistant

Blogging makes me joyful because I want to help other people in their business. And by sharing what I know and do I hope to be helping them.

Carlana Charles – Sage Consulting

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to connect with other like-minded people I would probably never meet in person!

Ang von Scheffelheim – The Little Jazz Baby

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to write what I love and educate people on things I spend nearly every waking moment thinking about and researching. It’s thrilling when people drop by my little space on the web and thank me for posting something they wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Linda Ann Nickerson – Nickers And Ink

Blogging makes me joyful because it offers a wonderful outlet for creative energies.

Rachel Flower –

Blogging makes me joyful and builds my business because it’s such a great outlet (and inlet) for creativity.

Lee Wise – Lee Wise Online Success

Blogging makes me joyful because I enjoy the writing process and the chance to be a positive influence in the lives of people.

Julia Neiman –

Blogging makes me joyful because it creates a space for my love of training to shine and enables me to reach people I might otherwise not be able to connect with.

Jan Kearney – My Local Business Online

Blogging makes me joyful because I can share my knowledge with other small business owners I may not have otherwise reached and help them to build their business too.

Gwynne Montgomery –

Blogging makes me joyful because it gives me a chance to express myself, and let’s me share my wide and varied interests with the world.

Christine Mann – You Never Stop Learning

Blogging makes me joyful because of the amazing discoveries I make through other people; love sharing my own long-time experience in leadership and management, but my folder on “Treasures from UBC” is so much fun to go through – lots of those postings are hanging on the wall.

 Delia Rusu – Blog Formatting

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to show other bloggers how to take their blog from dull to sparkle, so that readers can hear their message. Blogging builds my business because it helps me share my tips and connect online with so many people who need my help.

Ulrike Schuermann – Momentum Partnerships

Blogging makes me joyful because it allows me to add my two bobs worth about the issues I care about so deeply. It also make me very happy because I engage with total strangers around the world without leaving home.

Serena Star-Leonard – Five Point Five

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to meet incredibly inspiring people.

Rachel Heller –

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to say what I’m thinking whether or not anyone wants to hear it!

Deborah Grinter – Bright And Precious

Expressing my creativity and connecting with others is a joyful thing. Blogging is the perfect medium for both these things.

Tash Hughes – Love Santa

My fun blog makes me joyful because it is about sharing happy thoughts and ideas with other people, and what can be more joyous than that? I also like it because it lets me be more creative and less ‘professional’ than in most of my business work. And it helps build my business by increasing traffic to the site and demonstrating a love for the topic (rather than just a money grabbing exercise!)

Cathy Yerges – Linked For Business Growth

Blogging builds my business because I’m able to connect and engage with professionals seeking knowledge and training about social networking.

 Jocelyn Paige Kelly – Realizing Your Creative Life

Blogging makes me joyful because it allows me to be creative while connecting to other people.

Angeline Sim – Our Princess Dana

Blogging makes me joyful because I can document the beautiful as well as challenging moments of everyday life and share them with family, friends and fellow parents worldwide!

Elizabeth Soler – Scrapping Wonders

Blogging makes me joyful because I can teach people how to preserve their memories and share my creativity combining the two things I love to do!

Blogging allows you to connect with people you never would have otherwise.

Jennifer Jurek Land – Jenn’s RAQ

Blogging makes me joyful because it allows me to share my struggles, my triumphs, and everything in between. I am able to connect with others, and it has helped me to realize a community I never would have connected with outside of blogging.

Julie Holland – Gardening It Easy

Blogging makes me joyful because it lets me talk with people who share my love for gardening and other topics I blog about. I work from home, so being able to talk to like-minded people who live all over the world is really amazing.

Tee Ming Ooi – Teeming Connections

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to share resources on consciously living a more splendid life and express myself.

T.A. Woods – Pen Paper Pad

Blogging makes me joyful because it’s a chance for me to be creative and free without someone micromanaging me. I can be who I am, and say what I want.

Kylah Morrison – Intrepid Monkeys

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to write about our travels around South America with my two favourite boys as we share the incredible milestones (as well as the load) of raising a (now) 10mth old baby, climb mountains and watch amazing sunsets over beautiful lakes.

Erin O’Brien – Activate 28

Blogging makes me joyful because … I’m curing my perfectionism! I’m finding that publishing blogs is a gateway to “80% out the door is better than 100% in the drawer”. And in the process, I get to share tips that have helped me (so I’m helping others in the process, which always feels good).

Meg Ringrose –

Blogging builds my business because it speaks to my target market. It shows my potential clients my personality , allows them to get to know me, like and trust me.

Tasmin Claire Howse – Kiki And Tea

My blog makes me joyful because it’s a place for lesser known writers to showcase their ability and connect with a larger audience. It also makes me joyful in helping writers develop their craft through feedback and guidance. And I love to write!

Shannon Mashinchi – The Other Side Of The Equation

Blogging makes me joyful because it gives me an opportunity to share about life, the joys (and downsides of education), and sometimes even math!

Rachel Lavern – Work From Your Home 101

Blogging makes me joyful because it stretches me. Bloggers have to continue feeding the engine–no matter how well-received my post is today, tomorrow my readers want to know what is new and fresh. I love the readers who ask questions are present a perspective that I may not have considered. This ensures that I will always be learning and growing.

John Holland – All Utah Home Repair

Blogging makes me joyful because it lets me educate others about home care and how to save money and time with a well-maintained home.

Cher Fauvel – Raw Food Energy Benefits

Blogging makes me Joyful because I can use what I have studied all my life to help others and I get to be part of communities like UBC to meet awesome people as well as read their amazing blogs 🙂 Life is tough for many at at the moment and can bring us down, reading and learning from others with talent and positively in their lives helps us all to stay afloat. 🙂

 Nicki Sanders – The Teen Toolbox

Blogging builds my business because it forces me to think about how to simplify my knowledge and passion so that others understand it and want to learn more. Blogging allows me to educate a global audience about how to connect with teens and help teens set and achieve goals.

William Chaney – Healty Food And Diet

Blogging makes me cheerful because it offers me a chance to share and exchange information with others interested in a healthier lifestyle through the foods they eat and the lifestyle they live.

Dot Hurley –

Blogging makes me cheerful because it helps me to help others to achieve vibrant good health and well-being by promoting choice, self-empowerment and personal responsibility, and by sharing and exchanging information with like-minded souls.

Amy Young Miller – Vomiting Chicken

Blogging makes me joyful because I can share so many things that I am learning with so many people, with just a few clicks! Also I love to tell stories, and this is a great way to share them!

Rebecca Hulse –

Blogging builds my business because it allows me to give great value consistently to my followers while growing my movement.

Helen Butler – Clutter Rescue

Blogging has become such a fun aspect to Clutter Rescue that I couldn’t imagine not doing it! It is a way for us to share our passion, business philosophy and practical organising and decluttering ideas with busy mums that actually work!

April M Lee – Essence 7 Wellness

Blogging makes me joyful because although I talk about the idea of “awareness” all the time with my clients, the act of blogging on a consistent basis has opened my own eyes! To who I am, to how I communicate, to what is most important in my life. Blogging is part of the natural rhythm of my existence now. Revealing my true essence to my readers has transformed me, and I believe it’s made a difference in their lives as well.

Tova Gold – Finding My Muchness

I started my business as a blog and I loved sharing my honest journey through babyloss – it was the best therapy I could find and empowered me by knowing I was doing something to help other’s understand the journey baby loss moms experience.

Does Blogging Make You Joyful?

I want to hear from you. Does blogging make you joyful? What is it about blogging that you love so much?

Be sure to tell your story in the comments and share with your blogger friends! Let’s spread blogging joy!

27 Responses to Blogging Makes Me Joyful…40 Bloggers Tell All

  1. Yay! So glad to be a part of this. There are so many things to be joyful about blogging! No more procrastination everyone! Get cracking.

  2. Caylie thanks for the reminder of the gratitude we should have this way to spread our message and change the world. We take so for granted what 20 years ago would have seemed a miracle technology.

  3. What a great idea, Caylie, to pull together some of the magic-makers in this fab industry! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s ‘why’ and gratitudec(and concur with much of what was said).

    Blogging makes me grateful because it keeps me consistently thinking about how I can be of service to my readers, and definitely keeps me learning and growing, post-by-post. 😉

    • Oooh I like your focus Stacie! Good on you for rewarding your readers all while developing your own skills.

  4. Love this Caylie! And April’s answer is brilliant – for me, blogging has also expanded my own self-awareness as I balance sharing my personal experiences with valuable insights that I feel would help my clients live a more joyful and meaningful life through the mind, body, and soul!

    • Hi Sabrina,
      Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. There definitely is value in balancing insights and personal experiences – stories add so much value for the reader.
      Cheers, Caylie

  5. Blogging makes me joyful because it gives a home to my uncensored voice. I am able to authentically share my passion for coaching without conforming to anyone else’s editorial calendar. It’s also an incredible social media that introduces me to the voices of some pretty amazing people. Thanks for this blog party!

    • Very happy to host the party Jen! Having an uncensored voice definitely helps you connect with your ‘right’ audience.

  6. Such a great idea. Blogging makes me joyful because I love showing people how they can make their own graphics by giving them the confidence to have a go, even though they don’t think they are ‘artistic’. As Ryan above says, 20 years ago being able to do this would have been a dream

    • Caroline, I’m coming to visit your blog – I definitely need help ‘developing’ my ‘artistic’ confidence.

  7. Hello, yup this paragraph is truly nice and I have learned lot of things from it on
    the topic of blogging. thanks.

  8. ! thank you so much, caylie, for featuring me in this article – i am honored to be among such inspirational bloggers. what motivating words.

    • You’ve found the essence of my motivation behind this post April! Hearing everyone’s story is always so inspiring!

    • Absolutely Mindy! Coming from a rural base I definitely love the online and offline communities.

  9. What a great idea. This is such a beautiful post and I can totally relate! Blogging makes me joyful because I can help people all over the world!

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