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Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…

Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because...

When I originally thought of writing a blog post on the concept of “Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because” I had no idea of the response it would receive.

A couple of posts on Facebook and forty one responses later I began to understand just how long and AWESOME this post would become.

Thank you to all the WONDERFUL BLOGGERS who answered “Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…”

Personally, blogging makes me joyful because I see and am part of the awesome success, fun and support bloggers share. The blogging community continually inspires me to believe anything is possible.

But without further ado let’s see what our brilliant bloggers had to say!

Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…

Just getting started on blogging, but I think I am a repressed writer deep down so I am looking forward to it. – Meg Roberts

Blogging makes me joyful because it brings me into contact with so many wonderful people from around the world who I never would have met in ‘real’ life. – Bronwyn Marquardt

Blogging is like being in a store of whatever your heart desires – eg the other day I thought “why don’t I learn tarot online and now I’ve just published my second website – – as easy as that!” you just have to imagine and then make it come true! – Nancy Liddle, Woman Glow

Blogging makes me joyful because I can combine the topics I’m passionate about with my love of writing. – Melinda Samson, Grassroots Internet Strategy

Blogging makes me joyful because it opens doors bigger than you ever dreamed of! – Serena Star-Leonard, Retire Young

Blogging makes me joyful because it opens up opportunity to connect with people I would never have met any other way. – Rochelle Stewart-Allen, My Kitchen Capers

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to write about something that I enjoy, making people happy and getting to meet new people I probably would never have crossed paths with. Also, being able to work from home, the hours I want! – Renee Wallace, It’s Alicious

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to write with the thrill of having an audience immediately, rather than waiting around for publishers! – Manisha Lee, K.L.A.W Club

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to be self-published and self-employed! – Erin O’Brien, Activate28

Blogging makes me joyful because I like to illustrate what I write – words and pictures. – Jan Brickman, Granny Jan Can

Blogging makes me joyful because it allows me to be creative and help people at the same time. – Cynthia Sanchez, Oh So Pinteresting

Blogging makes me joyful because I can reach and teach more people and change more lives than if I were to just work with people individually. – Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

Blogging makes me joyful because it’s continuing my best friend’s legacy, and it is speaking out for those who cannot. Whenever things are tough or I receive a nasty comment I just remind myself of why I started it, and things are ok again. x– Jess Marshall, Kisses From The Fight

Blogging makes me joyful because it gives me the opportunity to share with others my knowledge and experience that has helped me be successful in my business. There is no greater satisfaction that helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life. – Lynn Baillie,

Blogging makes me joyful because it connects me to so many awesome people all over the world. – Suzy Que, Suzy Someday Somewhere

Blogging makes me joyful because it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have achieved something, and it creates an opportunity to meet some of the other great bloggers out there. – Valerie Cuell,

Blogging makes me joyful because I can blurt out my feelings, my obviously funny side and I don’t know who is reading it and who I may inspire along the way. – Rachael Griffin, Fit Fab Forty

Blogging makes me joyful because it gives me someone to talk to, someone to share the highs and lows with – even if I was the only one who ever read it, it would still make me joyful. – Natalie Birt, Mummy Smiles

Blogging makes me joyful because I love to educate others and can do so via my blog. – Loren Bartley, Impactiv8

Blogging makes me joyful because it’s something I do for me in a season of life when I’m mostly doing things for others. – Tonya Grant, The Crafty Mummy

Blogging makes me joyful because I can connect with like-minded people, offer encouragement, educate and it boosts my self-esteem and self-worth. – Kristen Lea, Me Vs Myself

Blogging makes me joyful because we get to inspire people who are dreaming the same dreams as us! We get lots of questions and emails from other families trying to make their travel dreams come true, I love connecting with them and helping where we can. – Loreena Walsh, Little Aussie Travellers

Blogging makes me joyful because just a few years ago I never would have imagined that I could sit in the comfort of my own home, share my thoughts, knowledge and message with the world, and help people live healthier, happier lives. – Jedha Denning, Paleo Weight Loss Coach

Blogging gives me a space that’s just mine, it helps me sort through the layers which I guess yes creates joy. – Sarah Wayland, That Space In Between

Blogging makes me joyful because I can entertain and inform family and strangers alike, about what it’s like to live in Israel. I’ve been able to make new friends and also cut down on the time I spend emailing individual family members with life updates! – Selah Gitlin, Moving To Nahariya

Blogging makes me joyful because it is the one time that it is 100% all about me. No hat being worn for the children, for my employer, for my husband, my friends or my family. Blogging is the sparkly hat reserved just for me. ♥ – Angela Parquist, Yes, Dear

Blogging does make my joyful because I feel like I can be myself but also offer my opinion in ways I might not otherwise. I figure people will relate and respond or stop reading. It certainly fills my heart with joy when people comment or email to say they have learnt something or gained confidence from reading my blog. Kicking off a personal blog too so I can share my thoughts on other aspects of life from the business stuff (even though business stuff is what gets me excited). – Elle Roberts, Creative Business Co.

Blogging makes me joyful because when I learn what I’ve written has helped someone, I feel the greatest pleasure, the highest joy to me is to serve! – Tony Carlos Dollar, MAD Music’s Compassion Network

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to be totally who I am and express myself to the world. – Tanja Gardner, Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Blogging makes me joyful because I have so much information in my head to get out to the world and this is one way of doing that. – Lianne-Carla Savage, Working Freedom

Blogging brings me joy because I get to contribute to overwhelmed business owners and leads them to find out more about the systems I help them create – Scott D Lewis, Cornerstones Coaching

Blogging makes me joyful because I get to share pearls of wisdom that have helped me to heal from my grief with other women, and hopefully inspire them to “Release their grief, nurture their soul and live their amazing lives.” – Maxine Hargreaves,

Blogging makes me joyful to the max! I am the Gluten Free Diva. When I post gluten free recipes that I know will help people eat more healthy gluten free foods, I feel like I’ve done my job, and that brings me a great deal of joy! – Ellen Allard, Gluten Free Diva

Blogging makes me joyful because I have the opportunity to connect with my community, share thoughts, and receive feedback. My mission is to inspire powerful actions through bold actions, igniting passion, and defining meaning. – Sheri Kaye Hoff, Life Coach Sheri

Blogging make me joyful because I get to connect with amazing women. – Dana Marie Mallon, Soul Fit Women

Blogging makes me joyful because so many people find it inspirational and easy to eat clean with my simple recipes, ideas and meal plans. I am a Mother of 4 kids (7-1yr) and absolutely enjoy sharing my healthy and fit journey with the world Xxx Dani. – Daniela Stevens, Fitness Food And Style

Blogging makes me joyful because I feel like it is my chance to ‘stand at the counter of my shop chatting with people’ – online businesses are often missing out on that part of having a business and I see blogging as that opportunity. With my blog I get to talk about all the stuff I would love to talk to customers about – and the conversation extends to the comments, to social media, to email… I love that! – Karen Gunton, Build A Little Biz

Blogging makes me joyful because I love to write and inspire others to live their best life while giving me some accountability to live my own. – Janet Brent, Purple Panda

Without a doubt the community that has sprung up around my blog makes me joyful. When I started there were very few blogs on the topic (I blog about my health condition, Dysautonomia) and I felt very alone. Over the last 3 years a supportive community has grown around the blog and I have made friends all over the world, who have supported both me and each other in the tough times and laughed with me in the bad times. It makes living with chronic illness bearable and gives me a voice to help others. Michelle Roger, Living With Bob (Dysautonomia)

Blogging makes me joyful because I’m tapping more into my own core and self. The crazy thoughts I’ve been teased about for many years are starting to come to life in front of me. And receiving reader’s feedback – really awesome! Zivana Anderson, Mindset Destination

Your Turn To Answer Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…

Now you’ve read why blogging makes so many people joyful I’d love you to share your reason!

So here goes – Blogging Makes YOU Joyful Because…


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30 Responses to Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…

  1. What awesome responses – and what a wonderful community to be a part of!! Thanks for including me!

    • Hi Nat,
      I am SOOO grateful to know everyone in this group!! Everyone is BRILLIANT!!
      Thanks for commenting :o)

    • For sure Shawn. So many different blogging purposes but all joyful bloggers for fabulous reasons! Why does blogging make you joyful?

  2. This is such a great idea! I love it! Still trying to think of one reason why blogging makes me joyful – I have too many to post! 🙂

  3. Fantastic Epic Post! Blogging also makes me joyful because I get to meet so many awesome people. I used to think just because I was a solo entrepreneur I had to go it alone. SO not true!

    • Oh Amethyst, there’s never been a truer word spoken. We solopreneurs DON’T have to be alone. There is such a vibrant community for us all!

    • Hi Peggy.
      Kimberly Kling a gorgeous lady I met through blogging inspired the jouyful concept. And guess what? I’m is Australia and Kim’s in America – we would never have met if not for blogging. How brilliant is that.
      Thank you so much for popping by!

    • Hey Serena, How’s your trip going? Yes, I loved reading all the responses too. What a wonderful group of people! Caylie

  4. The responses to this were amazing. Caylie, you should be a proud instigator! What makes me joyful about blogging? That it makes others joyful!! 🙂

  5. wow i’m honored to be a part of the list. thanks, and appreciate you taking the time to add everyone’s header. seems like a lot of work!

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