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Motivate Yourself, Take A Risk = Reap The Rewards

Blogging - Take A Risk and Reap The RewardsEvery week I encourage you to blog for business growth.

I tell you that you can make money from blogging.

You can increase your income.

Yes, I’m telling the truth.

No, I don’t just like the sound of my own voice. (Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise…)

Today I was reading Leaving Work Behind, a brilliant blog by Tom Ewer. He was talking about how to motivate yourself. That you have to find your ‘why.’

Within the post Tom shared a clip of Gary Vaynerchuk back in 2008. Now if I haven’t convinced you yet that taking a risk and starting a blog is a good idea, perhaps Gary will inspire you to take action.

*Fair warning – Gary does use some strong language.

Sure, the video isn’t actually about blogging but you get the point that you can be okay with where you’re at; you can despise where you’re at; or you can do something about it. (Note to self: hurry up and read Gary’s book Crush It.)

So to demonstrate that you can and should take a risk I’ve got something VERY exciting in the works.

I’ve been motivated by the stories of blogging business owner friends and they’ve inspired me once again to take action.

Do you want to reap the rewards of taking action? 

Sign up in the box below to find out what is happening.

Because something is coming. Something will launch October 17th.

And you should be first to find out about it!

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  1. One other quick comment, your color scheme with kind of light text on white with a very pale outline for buttons tends to fade into the white. Took me a few seconds to actually find the “Post Comment” button a minute ago.

  2. Excited for your launch Caylie! And I completely agree – connecting with your WHY over and over again if needed is one of the best motivators!

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