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Swing Dancing Can Teach You About Blogging

How Blogging And Swing Dancing Compare

It’s the drama and emotion that first grabs your attention.

Then they delight you by adding in a lift or throw for good measure.

The crowd erupts with appreciation as the show stoppers wow and amaze them.

It’s a wonderful affair, as enjoyable for the dancers as for the audience.

The Australian National Swing Dancing Championships were a source of joy and entertainment for all involved Saturday night.

Ever since watching a swing dance demonstration at a jazz festival five or six years ago I’ve always wanted to learn or at least join the audience again.

After not having the opportunity to attend for so long I wasn’t going to miss out this time. It meant an eight-hour drive roundtrip but it was well worth the effort.

What does swing dancing have to do with blogging?

By now you are definitely starting to question why you are reading about swing dancing on a blog about online marketing and particularly blogging for business growth.

Fair call. Promise I didn’t forget my ‘normal’ pills this morning.

So let’s dig in and compare.

1. Make an amazing first impression.

Whether you’re blogging or dancing you only have one opportunity to make an amazing first impression. Make it count.

Your audience’s first impression will significantly influence the likelihood of them returning in the future or not. We are all time poor and therefore not particular forgiving. If you don’t live up to expectations the first round, don’t dream there’s another round about to start. We aren’t in the boxing ring here. There are plenty of other performers and bloggers vying for attention of the audience just like you.

2. Allow your true personality shine through to stand out from the crowd.

Do you know who the best dancers to watch are? It’s not those most proficient and perfected in their efforts. The judges may award them the highest score for their technical ability but the audience will always favour the good dancers with fantastic personality.

Dancers who let their passion and personality shine through will win the audience over hands down, time and time again. If you’ve ever watched Strictly Ballroom you’ll know it’s Scott who likes to dance his own steps and ‘ugly duckling’ Fran that win the hearts of the audience.

The same goes for blogging. If you follow all the so-called ‘rules’ of blogging right to the last letter you will attain a certain level of success but if you want your readers to really connect with your writing, bend the rules and inject a little ‘you’ into it.

3. Maintain high standards to build loyalty.

Just like the dancers at the championships bloggers must maintain high standards at all time.

Each dance routine will have basic steps that are then added to or altered based on the performance required. These foundation steps make the particular dances recognisable and help the audience know what to expect. Getting these steps right is crucial to the standard of performance.

Consistency is also helpful for encouraging positive reader habits. For example, if you publish on a regular schedule your readers know when to expect a new post and are more likely to return.

If you keep pumping out the same structure or repeating information however people soon lose interest. Sure, revisiting the same content over and over may help your search rankings but it certainly won’t keep readers on your page.

Variety is the spice of life and critical to keeping your audience engaged. You must maintain or exceed your previous standard but mix up your approach. You could try different post formats or looking at ideas from a range of perspectives. The key is to keep your blog fresh.

Do you agree?

Do you agree commonalities exist between blogging and swing dancing? How do you manage first impressions, standards and inject a little ‘you’?

24 Responses to Swing Dancing Can Teach You About Blogging

  1. SO WEIRD we both blogged about consistency this week!!! I have to say too, as a fan of Dancing With The Stars, I think it’s important that, even when you fall on your tuckus, you get right back up and get back to business. Recovery is everything in dance and in business ;o)

    • Love it Mindy! I’ve spent plenty of time on my tuckus but I refuse to stay down. Have learned and progress constantly as a result.
      Really enjoyed your post too. Another example of falling on my tuckus and getting up again. 🙂

  2. So true, and I love how you stealthily followed your own third tip. 😉

    I think what I got from this is that even though many people may be doing the same dance with some of the same steps, it’s really up to you to make it all your own. 🙂

  3. Hey Caylie, whilst I’ve never done swing dancing, I LOVE the commonalities you present in your post. Thanks for sharing x P.S Made me want to take swing dancing lessons haha

  4. Yes I agree! Especially because I’m a swing dancer and a business owner!!! 🙂
    I was at the International Lindy Hop Championships this weekend in Washington DC and you are so on the money with this post!

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