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#ExplosiveContent – Read Them Or Weep Biz Collection

Grow your business income links roundup

This week has been all about BBQs with my family; starting my location independent journey up the East Coast of Australia, checking in with my gorgeously proactive VIP coaching clients; drafting email autoresponders (more about that in a minute) and finishing my new about page (would love your feedback).

A extra special highlight has been visiting Sally, Ryan and Charlie, owners of Seven Creeks, sweet friends and clients of Better Business Better Life. Sally and Ryan raise grass-fed cattle and sheep on the family farm then deliver their paleo-friendly bulk meat packs to Melbourne-based customers.

Seven Creeks Produce Sally & Ryan

Now before I get into this week’s links I’d love to know, what are you most pressing questions about email autoresponders? Is your email sequence generating sales for you? What’s stopping you from getting the emails written and scheduled? Tell me in the comments.

This edition of #ExplosiveContent Collection includes…drum roll please…

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