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5 Ways To Make More Money With Facebook Live

5 ways to make more money with Facebook LiveTwo of the most common Facebook Live questions I get asked are:

‘I’m just starting out and have a tiny audience. Can I really make money with Facebook Live?’


‘I haven’t created my products yet. Can I start earning money with Facebook Live anyway?’

The answer…

Absolutely. Most definitely. Y.E.S.

In this morning’s Facebook Live I shared FIVE different income streams you can create with Facebook Live with five real life examples.

Even if you’re just starting your business.

Even if you don’t have an audience or your own products or services yet.

Even if your business is bricks and mortar rather than online.

You watch the replay here.

How to make more sales with Facebook Live

Or keep reading for a recap of what was covered:

Marie Forleo used Facebook Live during her launch.Case Study One: Marie Forleo generates sales for online program launch

Marie went live yesterday 24hrs before the close of BSchool enrolments for 2017.

She used stories to cover the objections viewers would have to investing in the program while her team responded to questions in the comments.

The result was viewers commenting that they’d enrolled while Marie was live, giving Marie even more social proof to tip potential students over the line.

Now I can probably guess what you’re thinking:

‘That’s ok for Marie. She’s got over 450,000 fans, a whole team and tv studio.’

I hear you so let’s look at a business with just over 1k fans on their business page:


FB Live to Thrive testimonial from Robyn McAlpine, Laser Effect and Skinside OutCase Study Two: Robyn McAlpine of Laser Effect and Skinside Out drives new clients to her bricks-n-mortar clinic

Robyn was more than a little terrified of Facebook Live when we started working together.

She had so much skin care expertise to give and sharing the science of skin care was important to her but she also didn’t want to bore viewers.

We decided she should start with a Facebook Live on the three most common skin care myths and have a call to action for viewers find out their skin type in a consult.

Robyn gained five new clients, reconnected with three previous clients and sold a place in her premium skin care course (even after having to restart her live).

That was $2,000+ in sales off her very first livestream.


Caylie Price shares three tips to skyrocket Facebook Live engagement.Case Study Three: Using Facebook Live to drive webinar registrations which resulted in sales

Last year I co-hosted a webinar about how to use Facebook Live to skyrocket sales in your business (no surprise there).

The difference between this webinar and previous occasions was I used Facebook Lives in a variety of Facebook groups (that I didn’t own) to drive registrations.

There’s nothing like going live in a group and seeing your inbox fill with email notifications of people registering.

And the result…five sales of our signature program bundle.


Rachel Prest of Raid My Wardrobe uses Facebook Live to make money from ticket sales.Case Study Four: Rachel from Raid My Wardrobe fills her events with Facebook Lives

You’ve read about online program sales and bricks’n’mortar businesses gaining clients but what about events?

Rachel owns a business that hosts pre-loved fashion events in Newcastle, Australia.

Recently she collaborated on a Facebook Live sharing stories of her favourite pre-loved items:

  • where she found them
  • ideas for including them in outfits
  • how much they cost

Now if you’ve ever thought you need to hard sell during your Facebook Lives, you don’t.

Rachel shared how she’d sourced these clothes from local op shops, clothes swap parties as well as Raid My Wardrobe. She gave people options other than her own business to grab their own gorgeous bargains.

And you know what?

She sold tickets to her event later this month.

I know because after years of saying ‘I must go one day’ while watching her live I was convinced I had to be at her next event and bought a VIP ticket.


Marissa Roberts of Beautifully Organised made affiliate sales using Facebook Live.Case Study Five: Marissa from Beautifully Organised boosts her affiliate income with Facebook Live

Marissa is dedicated to sharing tips and tools with busy mums to help simplify their lives and calm the chaos.

She regularly sells her own products through her Facebook Lives but decided to test a complimentary product with her audience.

Marissa shared a live where she unboxed the Erin Condren planner she’d received in the mail, mentioned the promotion Erin had happening and made several sales.


If you want to start getting results like Marie, Robyn, Rachel, Marissa and me for yourself – stop sitting on the sidelines and get started!

Download my 15 simple Facebook Live ideas to boost list growth and sales and go live.


Increase sales with Facebook Live without paying for Facebook Ads.

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