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How your client’s email address is the new currency

email marketing is the new currencyEarly-adopting technology and business lovers heralded bitcoin as the way of the future. The solution that would replace coins and notes…

But how wrong they were.

Ah, hello? Electronic transactions were already available.

Prior to bitcoin it was mass advertising through newspapers, radio and television that made the world go round but they’re becoming less and less relevant too.

The currency that’s demonstrated its staying power and effectiveness:

Email marketing.

Email marketing and specifically the email addresses of your ideal clients are the new currency.

Here’s why:

1. You own your email list

Who do you think owns your followers, fans, likers on your social media accounts?

You? Your wallet?

(hears buzzer and it’s not the one for winners)


Facebook owns your Facebook followers.

Instagram owners your Instagram followers.

Yada, yada. You get the picture.

Who do you think owns your email list?

(c’mon, I gave it away in the heading…were you paying attention? J )

That’s right.

You own your email list.

You have gained permission from your subscribers to contact them via email and better still, you have those email addresses – not just a picture of the people who like your work.

Further, you can export a copy of your subscriber list from your email marketing service at any time and as frequently as you like so if you were worried MailChimp, Convertkit or Aweber might implode* you’ve got a backup copy.

*highly unlikely but better to be safe than sorry, right?

2. Posts are easily missed

Do you know how many items are published online every hour?

59,844,985,689,413,457,892,743 items.

It’s possible I made that statistic up but the point is there are brain-melting amounts of content published and you can’t possibly consume even 0.0000000000001% of it.

All of the social media platforms and search engines have introduced algorithms to help tailor the content presented to us in the hope that a better user experience will ensure we keep visiting their sites.

They know we are overwhelmed. It doesn’t take some fancy schmancy scientist to figure that out.

Needless to say posts are easily missed whether published on social media or your website.

The beauty of email marketing:

Once someone has indicated that they wish to receive your emails, any that you send will stay in their inbox until they choose to delete or open.

Yes, a lot get deleted immediately but at least they saw your email before making the choice. On social media they may never find out 99.9% of your content existed.

3. Email keeps you front of mind

Every time someone sees your name it moves you and your business to front of mind, which means they are far more likely to think of you when they need the type of solution your business offers.

Don’t rely on your visitors remembering your website or advert.

They won’t.

By adding incentives and opt in boxes to your website, you’ll collect your visitors’ details meaning you can remind them you exist.

Get 1,000 subscribers and convert them into buyers in 3 simple steps


4. Email is a relationship builder

Before someone will buy from you they need to know, like and trust you. You need to have built a positive relationship with them and have a solution they need.

How do you do this?

To start with you need to be in consistent contact. As mentioned in point three, this will keep you front of mind.

Sales research says that on average it takes a minimum of five contacts (and often many more) before a potential client will be assured that taking a risk and investing in your products or services is the right decision.

You also need to be adding value. This could be through education, information or entertainment.

For example, if you ran a pre-loved fashion events business, each week you could send an email showcasing one item worn three different ways or tips on how to care for pre-loved garments.

You’d be providing education and inspiration so that when it was time to promote an event your subscribers would be primed and ready to purchase their event ticket.

5. Subscribers equal sales

Ok, that headline isn’t 100% accurate.

You’ve got to have the right people (aka ideal clients) on your list to get sales but when they’re right, by god do sales boom.

You might have heard me mention it before but I’m going to say it again (oh Caylie, really???? You betcha!!!):

For every $1 invested in email marketing the average return is $43.

Umm, hell yeah I’ll have some of what she’s having.

And remember…that’s the average return so the more targeted your list, the even greater the return is likely to be.

Unless you’re planning to be the inventor of the next Facebook, tell me where else you can get a return on your dollars comparable to that.

Of course, you might be asking ‘how to do I get the ‘right people’?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

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