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Kick Poor Conversion Rates To The Curb

Conversion Rates Impact The Speed Of Lead Generation And List BuildingNo leads = no business.

Therefore converting website visitors to subscribers is SUPER CRITICAL.

So you’ve got people visiting your website? Or maybe you don’t?

Either way not many are hanging around and they certainly aren’t signing up for your opt in incentive.

Boy, have you got a problem!

Let’s start at the beginning though…

How do you calculate your conversion rate?

Well if you use Aweber, you’re in luck! All you have to do is:

1. Login in and choose the list you’re interested in.

2. Click on ‘Sign Up Forms.’

3. The opt in forms you have created for that list will appear. Furthest right you’ll see the conversion rate.

Woohoo! Got to love a service that does the work for you.

MailChimp, Office Autopilot and Infusionsoft no doubt have similar capabilities.

Of course, not every service will be this helpful and if you aren’t so lucky…

1. Sign up for Aweber.

2. You can calculate your conversion rate manually. Don’t worry, it is super easy.

How To Manually Calculate Your Conversion Rate

(No. people visiting landing page / no. people reaching thank you page) x 100 = conversion rate.

To find out the visitors to each page have a look in your Google Analytics under ‘Behaviour’ then ‘Site Content.’

How easy is that?

Why Is It Important To Know Your Conversion Rate? 

Knowing your current conversion rate is essential to your business growth. It gives you a point of reference for comparison.

You might compare the success of two different list building strategies or one opt in strategy over two distinct periods of time.

By having a benchmark figure you will know whether or not the changes and refinements you are making to your list building efforts are helping or hindering your lead generation.

Do you need help with your lead generation and improving your conversion rate?

Ok, so that was a bit of a redundant question. Everyone can always benefit from improved results. Growth needs to be a constant.

You are invited to learn the three critical factors to explode your opt in conversion rate. All you need do is to register for the FREE teleseminar.

Conversion Rate Audio Recording

See you there!


12 Responses to Kick Poor Conversion Rates To The Curb

  1. Caylie, I like that about Aweber too. Mailchimp does have statistics too. Now that FB is decreasing organic shares it’s important for people who rely solely on social media for business connections to learn about email lists.

  2. My, oh my – This stuff goes right over my head, and I’m so happy that you can share this with us in an easy way to digest. I have mail chimp, and I’m still trying to figure out the back-end advanced features. I think one day, I’ll just hire some out to help me with the technical stuff. Thank you, Caylie!

  3. Calie, Thank you for this simple reminder. I have made list building one of my main priorities and just the intention alone is helping me build my list and take actions that will bring subscribers to my door. This is all new to me so it’s so much fun to follow the growth and look at what’s working and what’s now.

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