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Do You Blog In Bite Sized Pieces?

Every blogger has a different opinion on the best length for blog posts. Many suggest that 400 – 700 words are ideal. They could be wrong.

Then again look at and you will see Corbett Barr tends to write posts 5000+ words long. Believe me this has been a successful approach. Likewise, Seth Godin writes posts as short as a handful of words and still communicates immense value.

And here’s the most important point. Different readers will have different needs. No two people are exactly the same.

We know this in real life so why not in the blogosphere? What does this mean for bloggers? Well first we have to make a decision about the readers we are trying to attract.

Are we writing for readers who like one particular length or are we trying to attract a more diverse range of readers who like all different post lengths? Are we catering to a very narrow niche topic or a broader set of interests?

So I ask. Do you write bite sized pieces or War and Peace novels? Who are your readers and what works best for them?

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