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Do you have ideas for a business?

Coming up with ideas requires creativity. You might believe you are not creative. I was convinced I wasn’t creative either. But I was wrong. You’re not born with or without creativity. You simply need to be open to ideas and use the tools available to help you.

Call it a process even.

Ways to create ideas include:

1. Setting time aside to think. Allow your brain quiet time.

2. Asking yourself questions such as:
a. What annoys me/drives me insane?
b. What challenges my family and friends?
c. What are my favourite hobbies?

3. Observing the world around you.

4. Trying or learning about something new.

5. Changing the environment you are in.

6. Picking three random words from a magazine or newspaper and putting them together to create something new.

7. Subscribing to e-newsletters such as and

8. Reading blogs both within and outside your areas of interest.

Here is the most important thing: Don’t rule out any ideas at this stage. You are creating, not evaluating. Be as fun, crazy, silly as you wish.

Make sure to write your ideas down as they come to you. By now you should have a few ideas on your list.

Congratulations! I knew you could do it all along!

Now let the ideas sit with you for a few days. When you’re ready pick a couple of favourites and get to work researching.

What methods help you burst with ideas?

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