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eBook Update: Research And Content Development

During the Ultimate Blogging Challenge I mentioned to you, the gorgeous readers of my blog, that I was going to write my first ebook and asked if you would like to be kept up to date.

Generously you all wanted to hear more so I thought I’d better post an update.

The great news is I am making progress. The slightly disappointing fact is I’m not moving as quickly as I hoped. Sometimes life gets in the way of best intentions.

That said the ‘life’ moments are very positive so I am entirely grateful for that.

As mentioned previously the outline of the ebook is complete. The research phase is also now well underway. Plenty of word files are filled with notes ready for collation and refinement.

I have asked lovely bloggers from a couple of networks I belong to if they will volunteer their sites as examples and case studies. Thank you to these awesome chicks who have responded! To the blokes, I’d love you to join in!

Although I haven’t yet chosen which blogs will be included (how awesome that many bloggers responded) I encourage you to visit these blogs that were offered and share some bloggy love:

Woman Glow – written by Nancy Liddle

Helz Design – written by Helen Bogun

My Kitchen Capers – written by Rochelle Stewart-Allen

Breakaway Spirit – written by Carolyn Birdsey

Eye Candy Jewellery – written by Liz Jones

Breast Cancer Nirvana – written by Andrea Fairbairn

A resources list is developing along with ‘homework’ and checklists for inclusion. My goal is for anyone who reads the book to TAKE ACTION. No thinking that was helpful…. and nothing changes. Small, practical exercises will help.

To create even greater value for readers I have identified a number of experts in the field I would like to interview to share their thoughts and strategies.

So what do you think of my plans and efforts to date? Have I missed something essential? What types of formatting, structures or concepts do you like in info products?

Please share your thoughts and if you are currently creating your own info product be sure to tell us about your progress.



Pic Source: Jennie Faber

2 Responses to eBook Update: Research And Content Development

  1. Hi Caylie, I’m excited to see that you’re making progress with your ebook! I’m currently working on a product. The outline is up in the air at the moment – but I am making progress. My issue, as always, is that there are alway OTHER products I want to work on too – so I run off and research those.

    Thanks for posting your progress, it’s inspirational!


    • Hi Gwen,
      Glad to hear you’ve got lots of ideas. Brilliant! Now just to focus. Send me an email and we might be able to help each other.
      I’d love to hear how you blog traffic moved during and following the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. Would you mind sharing?
      Thanks for commenting!

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